Product Application

The cargo hold surfaces should be as clean and dry as possible before treatment.  Barrier Hold Coat is supplied at ready-to use concentration and may be applied directly from the drum. Spray the liquid on the cargo hold surfaces by the use of suitable low-pressure spraying equipment. As soon as the surface appears water wet, a proper film is created; do not apply more than necessary. Barrier Hold Coat will cover 15-20 m2 / Ltrs. Allow the film to dry completely before loading the cargo. Depending on air temperature and humidity this will take 1 to 2 hours. After reloading, apply a 2 – 5% solution of a cleaning agent in water to avoid re-deposition of contaminants, and finally flush with clean, high pressure water. Suitable cleaning agents like Rxtuff, Rxtuff High Foam or Aquabreak Rx.

After flushing with water, let the surfaces dry and then repeat the treatment with applying  Barrier Hold Coat before next cargo.