Product Application

This antifoam compound are targeted for gas recovery plants, where natural gas must be washed, or scrubbed, before distribution, and for liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants that must achieve high gas purity before liquefaction.

In many amine units, foam can be problematic. Proper line control without antifoam is, generally, extremely difficult.

General-purpose antifoams have a wide range of applicability, but not all of them are suitable for use in the treatment of gas. Some foam control agents can aggravate the problem. Foam control in gas scrubbers is only one of the process parameters to be monitored. It is equally important to prevent or slow the fouling of the unit, because dismantling of the gas-scrubbing units is manually intensive. Incorrectly specified antifoams can easily lead to increased fouling and clogging, particularly in the heat exchangers. Momentive Performance Materials RXSOL antifoams are designed to provide foam control with a minimum of such problems. 

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