Product Application

PIGGING Operation :::
WAXY Pipe walls can be clean by using RXSOL-20-2044-210 pigging method. And can be applied to a pipeline along with a series of co-solvent mixture..
RXSOL-20-2044-210 has also been successfully used to remove restrictive wax deposits in topside process equipment, topsides pipework, drains systems crude oil storage tank and crude oil flowline and risers.

Tank cleaning operation
Slack Wax (Cleaning procedure) 

(Paraffin with a high oil content and a high melting point)

  1. Steam the tank for approx. 1-1, 5 hour.The temperature should be at least 20°C above the melting point of the slack wax.
  2. Butterworth the tank 1-1, 5 hour directly after steaming with hot seawater or hot fresh water.Let the water flow on deck until the required temperature has been reached. The temperature during the cleaning should be 20°C. above the melting point of the wax. The cleaning time should be sufficiently long to reach the melting point of the wax.
  3. Due not interrupt the cleaning process and continue to Butterworth the tank with hotseawater or freshwater for another hour and inject the RXSOL-20-2044-210 (see method 3).Therefore mix the RXSOL-20-2044-210 into a drum with water (1 to 2 pails/100 litres water) and inject the mixture simultaneously into the Butterworth line during cleaning. The necessary amount to be injected depends on the consumption and number of Butterworth machines.Calculate for 10-15 m3 of wash water 1 pail  of RXSOL-20-2044-210
  4. Flush the tank with fresh water
  5. Ventilate, mop and dry the tank.

Note: during cleaning there should be no ballast water adjacent to the tank

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