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Fish Oil (2nd cleaning procedure)

Fish oil should never be washed hot (varnish formation) Fish oil is an oxidizing oil and through reaction with oxygen  the atmosphere it dries and hardens.Tank cleaning should be executed as soon as possible after discharge. Avoid higher temperatures (e.g. steaming) and heated cargoes in adjacent tanks.

1. Butter   worth  the  tank 2   hours   with   cold/ambient   (max. 30°C.) seawater and pump the waste  water without  any  delay  continuously out. Check if the tank is free of sediments  before  starting  to clean as per step 2 and 3.

2. Flush the tank and line system shortly with fresh water to  remove  the sea water residues .

3. Prepare the following cleaning solution in fresh water.

  • 0.4% RXSOL CTC-VOLC or alternatively .
  • 0.4% RXSOL CTC-VOLC .
  • 2.5% Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide .
  • 5% P3 RXSOL-20-2042-210 Butter worth the tank 2.0 hour by recirculation. If Caustic is used the cleaning temperature should be not higher than 60°C. 

4. Butter worth the tank 1 hour with hot seawater (70- 80°C). 

5. Flush the tank with fresh water.

6. Ventilate, mop and dry the tank .

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