Product Application

A safe but powerful industrial strength multipurpose flooring adhesive remover that even removes linoleum. Proven when properly used it works better than other  degreasers. This solution is specially formulated to remove multi-purpose adhesives but it is also a very effective cleaner. It cleans everything from greasy machinery to paint covered hands. Removes everything from blood stains to oil marks to chewing gum, on just about any type of surface.
The applications are unlimited. Deo-Solv is proven to be non-toxic and a non-irritant. It can be used to safely clean grease or tar from skin. It is also reusable, dirty solvent placed in a container will separate. Contaminants settle to the bottom, allowing clean Deo-Solv to be poured off from the top. This product was developed to contain no odor or a nice fragrance when being used for all kinds of jobs. Available fragrances: orange, cherry, lime, mint, spice, or no odor.