Product Application

For General cleaning and manual dish-washing as well as for cleaning painted or varnished surfaces, bath tubs, basins and tiles.

This Product has multiple use for cleaning of oily surface , ferrous and non ferrous metal, cloth, etc. Due to high foam this use for high pressure foam cleaning and leckage testing of Tank, Reactor, Vessel etc.

Used to clean:

Water testing labware cleaning, phosphate sensitive lab equipment cleaning, hospital instruments, optical components, pharmaceutical apparatus, cosmetics manufacturing equipment, tissue culture ware, plate glass, metal castings, forgings and stampings, industrial parts, animal cages, electronic components, tanks and reactors. 

Used to remove:

Soil, radioisotopes, radioactivity, organics, grit, grime, slime, grease, tars, resins, fats, oils, blood, tissue, particulates, inorganic residues, chemical and solvents.

Surfaces cleaned:

Recommended for glass, stainless steel, PTFE, ceramic, cement and alkali resistant plastics and metals. Tergajet is inhibited for Aluminum.Corrosion testing is advisable.