Product Application

Rxsol Bird / Pigeon Repellent  Gel repels pest birds including pigeons, starlings, house sparrows and more. Effective coverage: At 3 mm thickness, 3 Kgs of Rxsol Bird / Pigeon Repellent  Gel  will cover an area of approximately 1 Sq. Meter

Rxsol Bird / Pigeon Repellent  Gel  has particular value in sensitive establishments such as:

  • Manufacturing Units
  • Stores and Depots of Equipments and Materials
  • Railway
  • Marine and Naval Boal / Vessel
  • Airfields and Aircraft maintenance areas
  • Shipyards, Dockyards and Naval Repair Yards
  • Pharmaceutical units, Automobile & Oil industry

Rxsol Bird / Pigeon Repellent  Gel   is a physical deterrent that can be applied to many surfaces