Product Application

RXSOL-50-5005-025 is a blend of volatile liquid / steam distributions ratios that neutralise the acid contaminants in condensate and feed water thus providing protection against acid corrosion in the complete system.The most common cause of acid corrosion in condensate and feed water systems is dissolved carbon dioxide. Condensate control neutralises this acid and maintains the condensate and feed water in an alkaline condition
Used in medium and high-pressure boilers including ultra high-pressure boilers.

Fields Of Application:-
RXSOL-50-5005-025 is an effective neutralizing type corrosion inhibitor & oxygen scavanger  for steam condensation system. And can also be used to protect Boilers /Metals surfaces form corrosion.It removes oxygen efficiently in open feed systems and gives effective corrosion inhibition of boiler/exhaust gas economizer system surfaces . Its Chemical reaction by converting Fe2O3 (rust) to organic iron compound protect further IRON rust reaction .

Operating Process:-
RXSOL-CC72 neutralizes the acid components of feed water.The proportion of RXSOL-50-5005-025 depends upon the Carbon dioxide content of the condensate. Basically RXSOL-50-5005-025 neutralizes the acid contents & maintains the condensate and feed water in the alkaline condition.  It also protects copper based metals.