Product Application

In-service cleaning–RXSOL-16-1049-025 is  passes through the air trunking upstream of the charge aircooler, followed by a clean water rinse.For cleaning of air coolers, it is necessary to use correctly  installed  dosing  and  injection system.

3 to 5 litres of cleaning solution per square meter or as table below:

Engine HP. Solution of 10 to 25% RXSOL-16-1049-025
6,000 to 12,000 2 to 3 litre
12,000 to 24,000 4 to 5 litre
24,000 or  more 6 litre

For cleaning of Air cooler and Air side of  turbochargers, a  solution  of  5 - 25% RXSOL-16-0009-ACC in fresh  water is recommended. Inject the solution for 10-15 minutes, then similar quantity of fresh water injected to rinse off emulsified deposits.