Product Application

In cosmetics, the most common use of acetone is in nail polish remover. Acetone is a colorless, flammable liquid that evaporates easily. It is an organic compound because carbon atoms are present in acetone's chemical formula, which is (CH3)2O

Product Name        : Acetone
CAS number : 67-64-1
UN number   : 1090
Formula             : CH3COCH3
Odour     : SWEETISH
Solubility in water    : COMPLETE
Density      : 0.797   at 15 oC
Boiling point      : 56 oC
Melting point          : -95oC
Viscosity    : 0.337 cp at 15 oC
Flashpoint               : -9.4 oC
Explosive limits : 2.5- 12.8 Vol%
Vapour pressure       : 233 mbar at 20 oC
Skin absorption/irritation   : YES
TLV      Country NL     Year 1995     : 750 ppm               1780    mg/m3
Pollution category      1994     : III

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