Product Application

For a cargo tank cleaning agent, it can be used at the concentration of 5% to remove the stains after the cargo contains caustic based products.

Dilutions must be made in a plastic container. The acid should always be added to water, never the reverse.

To clean surfaces after welding or rusted surfaces use 50% Rust Remover-Water solution.

To remove stain or rust from brass and copper surfaces use between 20 – 50 % solution and rinse it with water after 15 –40 minutes.

On aluminum surfaces use 10 – 30% Metal Brite -Water solution and after 5 minutes rinse it with water.

To remove rust from painted surfaces use 20 – 30% Metal Brite -Water solution and rinse with water after 15 - 40 minutes

To remove rust remains from ceramic, porcelain and glass surfaces; use 20 – 50% Rust Remover-Water solution for 20-40 minutes and rinse it with water.

To remove light cement and lime use 50% Rust Remover-Water solution and after 30 – 40 minutes rinse with water.

To remove rust in the pipelines and tanks use 5% Metal Brite -Water solution and circulate. On the other hand, if you use injection method use 3-5% Metal Brite -Water solution. Both circulation and injection must continue until the rust is removed.

Brushing is recommended for heavy rusty surfaces.