Product Application

p Alkalinity and Total Alkalinity  :

Optimum Result    :   p-Alkalinity  level  is between 100 to  150 PPM is suggested.

if  p-Alkalinity level is more then 150 ppm then level should be reduced by increased BLOW DOWN process with immediate effect.  

For Below  50 ppm  , Dose ½ Ltrs of RXSOL-50-5001-BWT for 1000 Ltrs of  BOILER WATER , to maintain p-Alkalinity level 100 ppm.

:::::::::::::::::::::Alkalinity  TEST FOR BOILER & COOLING WATER ::::::::::::::::::::::::

Reagent:  RXSOL TK 7 , TK 8 , TK 9 , . Apparatus : TEST TUBE , Titrator or DROPPER

Measure 10 ml of SAMPLE WATER in graduated TEST TUBE / CYLINDER


Add 1-2 drops of  RXSOL TK7 and mix with the stirring rod , If  sample turns red / PINK ( which indicates presence of p-Alkalinity ) then follows 3rd step otherwise if sample remains colourless ( Record p-Alkalinity = 0 ) .


Add RXSOL TK9  drop by drop ( by counting ) , mixing with the stirring rod until colour just disappears. Each drop is equivalent to 25 ppm of p-Alkalinity , expressed as CaCO3 

RESULT Each DROPS is equivalent to  25 PPM of p-Alkalinity.
NOTE p-Alkalinity VALUE  =  25 X ( Total Number of DROPS of TK9 , during 3rdstep  )

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