Product Application

You can easily remove soiling containing oil-carbon, grease , calcification or layers of oxidation on aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, chrome or high-grade steel. Nonferrous metals are lightened up. Deposits of iron ( Fe ) on chrome steel are removed, the surface is neutralised and the chrome layer is protected. A protective anticorrosion layer is formed on aluminium. The inhibitors protect iron parts against acid and prevent unnecessary influences on the structure of the non-ferrous metals.

Where you can use RXSOL-16-1028-025 for the removal of oil carbon, the cleaning of oil coolers and heat exchangers as well as soiling and calcification from radiator fins; inside and outside for the removal of layers of oxidation and to lighten up non-ferrous metals. for cleaning aluminium surfaces, containers, tanks, trucks, truck bodies facades and all devices or parts made of aluminium. for cleaning copper, bras and bronze. In the immersion bath: for cleaning radiators, engine heads and drives. for cleaning aluminium, bras or copper parts. for cleaning high-grade steel tools and instruments. for removing rust from iron, neutralisation ( passivation ) Ultrasound supports and accelerates the cleaning effect

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