Chembreak Quick Separating Degreaser - A powerful all-purpose degreaser

Degreasing can be a daunting task, especially in heavy industries that deal with slop tanks, bilges, engine rooms and many such high greasy surfaces. It is essential to get hands on an effective degreasing agent that not only cleans the superficial dirt but also penetrates and dissociates oil and water. This action gives spotless and no greasy residue cleaning. Chembreak Quick Separating Degreaser is one such economic solvent cleaner that dissociates or separates oil and water. It is perfectly suited for surfaces and tanks that handle petroleum based products.


Chembreak Quick Separating Degreaser is a powerful all-purpose degreaser and emulsifier that are ideally suited for slop tanks, and degreasing of engine rooms, bilges, and other local cleaning and degreasing jobs. The formulation of the product is an excellent blend of powerful emulsifying inorganic products and solvent base. Its low toxicity and non-corrosive nature makes it apt for cargo tank and engine room cleaning without corroding the metal parts. Since it acts to separate oil and water, it becomes easy to dispose waste solution completely.


The application of Chembreak Quick Separating Degreaser is very simple. The product may be applied by spray, brush, immersion, soaking or any other conventional cleaning means. It is preferable to use the product without any dilution to get the best results. For bigger surfaces, the product can be diluted with water and applied. For cleaning of tanks after mineral oil, lube oil and slope-Black oil usage, the tank needs to be filled with 1-35 litres per ton of the wash water. It is advisable to heat up the water so that it can be stripped constantly and transferred to holding tank for separation. The time needed for such cleaning depends upon the nature of oil being cleaned and the amount of product used. For bigger processes such as these, generally a time of 12 hours is sufficient to fully clean the tank. For smaller surfaces, the product can be sprayed directly unto the surfaces and kept for at least 30 minutes before rinsing off with ample fresh hot water under high pressure.


For any other process, the product needs to be kept for 30-45 minutes to act to ensure good penetration and emulsification. Rinsing with hot water ensure squeaky-clean surfaces. Depending upon the contamination, the sage and dilution rate would vary and so would the results. For light and medium contamination, the product can be diluted with water or petro solvent and used. For heavy contamination, it is advised to use the product neat. Chembreak Quick Separating Degreaser is ideal for cleaning machinery parts, bulk heads, decks, cargo tanks that make use of mineral oils and petroleum based products, bottom plates and other greasy areas.


Rx Marine provides usage and safety instructions for all its products. It is recommended to read these carefully before using the product. Always use protective work gear when handling the product. Keep the product away from direct sunlight and out of reach of the children. In case of accidental contact with skin or eyes, wash immediately with ample fresh water and contact your health care provider immediately.


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