A pure biodegradable water based detergent- Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning Fluid

Ingression of air borne particle into the gas turbine compressor is inevitable, in spite of sophisticated air-cleaning systems in place. This results in fouling of air-path surfaces in the turbine compressor, which leads to further loss in performance and increased fuel consumption. According to the worldwide field experience, the major cause of gas turbine relates performance loss occurs due to axial flow compressor deterioration. Fouling or blade deposits reduce both compressor efficiency and airflow, which combines to reduce gas turbine output and the overall thermal efficiency of the plant.  These effects are accompanied with an increase in heat rate thus resulting in increased fuel consumption.


It is imperative to clean the compressor in an effective way. There are various methods by which gas turbine compressor can be cleaned. It can be hand cleaned though it will be highly time consuming and labour intensive with a high loos of revenue due to shut down.  Another method of abrasive cleaning is also not effective as its performance is short lived and it may cause potential damage to the surface coating and cooling path blockages, which in turn may lead to permanent performance loss. The most effective way of cleaning gas turbine compressor is that of wet cleaning. In this process, a strict washing regime is followed combining the most effective chemical cleaner available and treated water.


Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning Liquid is one such performance based chemical cleaner that is concentrated, environmental friendly, neutral and biodegradable. It is a water-based detergent cleaning fluid that cleans and inhibits corrosion of gas turbine compressors. Therefore, in a single operation one gets both corrosion inhibiting and cleaning function. The cleaning liquid can be done with either on-line or off-line washing method. The product should be used in requisite quantities as mentioned in the engine manual. The on-line cleaning method involves running the engine on load and injecting the solution into the air inlet with the help of specially designed nozzles. This ensures effective cleaning through the compressor stages. The off-line cleaning method involves shutting the engine down and cranking. The solution is injected into the air inlets by specially designed nozzles that ensure comprehensive wetting of the blades.  The solution needs to be rinsed post the treatment with ample treated water. This ensures the complete removal of foul from within the compressor.


Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning Liquid is a pure biodegradable water-based detergent that is specially formulated to meet stringent cleaning requirements. Non-hazardous water based chemical is very effective in removal of compressor foulants. Its unique corrosion inhibiting property allows the engine to be left ready for immediate start up after clean up, even in salty offshore conditions. It has a clear pale straw coloured liquid with a very mild pleasant odour which is not detrimental to any of the materials used in gas turbine engines or aircraft components. It is available in convenient packaging to ensure economical purchase without the need of re-purchasing. Rx Marine provides all the necessary usage and storage instructions with the product. The company urges all its consumers to read the instructions carefully before the use of the product. Always wear proper protective gear before using any chemicals.


The product is available in concentrated diluted form and the properties make the solution more environments friendly. The ingredients and the advanced technologies are used by the company to manufacture the products and then pack the products in an effective manner. Rx Marine proudly caters to different industries like Agriculture, Automobiles, Marine, Railways, Airlines, and Domestic etc with the best quality cleaning chemicals. The standards of all the products are at par with International Standards. The best quality product, delivery within stipulated time, efficient before and after sales service, most suitable rates and customer satisfaction are guaranteed.


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