A blend of concentrated agents - Emulsifier Concentrate Solution

Industries dealing with oil tanks, equipment, oil installations, automobiles, engineering plants etc are always facing the problem of greasy, dirty and oily floors, equipment and other surfaces. To combat this problem, an extremely effective and concentrated solution is needed that not only helps to remove the grease and grime effectively but also does not leave any residue.  Since the industries that are involved in such kind of work are varied, the application f the product also needs to suite the varied needs. This calls for a complete all-rounder solution that can act effectively and speedily on oily and greasy surfaces.

Emulsifier Concentrate Solution is a liquid blend of concentrated agents that have wetting and emulsifying properties that penetrate even the toughest and greasiest of surfaces and removes grease. It is a highly concentrated cleaning liquid that has a wide application range. It provides thorough and quick emulsifying action for soiled surfaces, engine rooms, and engine cooling water systems, bilge spaces and crude and refined mineral cargo tanks. It can be used to clean double bottom, deep and other fuel oil bunker tanks as well as for general cleaning purposes.

Emulsifier Concentrate Solution is an active blend of organic solvents, surfactants and emulsifiers that is readily soluble in water. It can be applied through soaking, spraying or rock and roll method. For heavily soiled parts and equipment, the solution needs to be used undiluted on the surface or the equipment needs to be soaked in the solution directly For medium soiled surfaces, a formula of 10-30% of the product with water needs to be made . The equipment and parts should be soaked for at least 30 minutes before washing it off with fresh water.

If the soiled areas are large, undiluted product needs to be sprayed over the soiled surface and allowed to be kept for at least 20-30mins. After the elapsed time, the surface needs to be washed with high-pressure water hose. If stubborn deposits are an issue, scrubbing could be done to get rid of the deposits.

For the Rock and Roll method, the recommended time to clean and make the surface gas-free under normal circumstances would be from 3 to 6 days for cleaning of double bottom tanks at the sea.

The product is a pale/ golden yellow liquid available is suitable packaging of varied sizes to suit all industry needs. It has penetrating, abrasive and wetting agents that make it an excellent cleaning liquid for degreasing workshops, engine rooms, oil installations, oily equipment, and other engineering components. Its non-corrosive nature does not attack metals and is ideal for cleaning kitchen floors too.  It can be effectively used in cleaning oilrigs, garages, service stations and bilge surfaces.


However, the formulation is not harmful but it is always advisable to wear proper protective gear before handling any chemical. Its strong formulation might have some effect on inhalation or contact with the skin. The company provides proper care and use instruction with the product. Always read the instruction carefully before using the product.


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