Clean Gel – An effective product to get mirror bright areas

Metal surfaces are prone to be scaled, discoloured, rusted and worn out by time if not taken proper care. Clean Gel is a concentrated formulation that is used to apply on and clean metal surfaces. Metal surfaces that need surface preparation before painting make use of Clean Gel. Surfaces cleaned with the gel react to the paint effectively by strongly adhering to the paint.


Clean Gel is an effective formulation for cleaning scales, discolouration, rusts, annealing colours and welding affected are without the use of brush or buffing. It is applied to surfaces and on metal adjoining areas with a plastic brush, preferably, nylon bristled. The application is done between 5 - 40 degree centigrade temperatures. The paste or the gel needs to be kept for 5-30 minutes depending upon the degree of contamination, and temperature. After the elapsed time, the surface needs to be washed with pressurized water jet spray or wiped gently with plastic brush and water. Dry out the surface or the equipment completely.


For a dull finish or a satin finish over the surfaces, the surfaces need to be cleaned for any oil and dirt compounds using an effective degreaser. This can be done by wiping the surface with the degreaser solution mixed in water or spraying it onto the surface and soaking it for some time before washing it away with ample water. Once the surface is clean, Clean Gel or Paste is applied with a brush or sprayer. After application, the surface needs to be kept for 10-45 minutes under shade away from direct sunlight in order for Clean Gel to react. Once the time has elapsed, wipe off or spray the surface with ample water to remove all traces of the formulation.


Clean Gel is an effective product in cleaning mirror bright areas too without making them loose their shine. The application of the formulation remains the same as above. Once the process is complete, carry on with the bright buffing or polishing procedure as usual to make the surface bright and shiny.


The formulation has its benefits and advantages. It is easy to apply as well as easy to be removed with simply washing it away with ample water. Due to its paste form, Clean Gel can also be applied on vertical surfaces without any issue. The product is easy to handle and removes all kinds of scales, discolouration, rust particles around weld seams, annealing colours etc. It removes naturally occurring oxide layer and even the chromium-depleted layer under the oxide. It is economical to use as only a thin layer of the paste is required for a desirable result.


Clean Gel is a colourless, viscous liquid formulation that is completely soluble in water. It is safe to be used on metal surfaces without leaving any black or yellow stain marks on surface after washing. The product comes with material safety data sheet with details, usage and care mentioned on it. It is advisable to read and follow the instructions carefully every time you use the product.


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