A perfect way to determine chloride level in water - Chloride Test Kit

Chloride ions are major inorganic ions present in wastewater and fresh water. Although its presence in low amount is not toxic for human consumption, it is essential to monitor level of chloride in boiler systems to prevent damage of metal parts. Also salt contamination on any surfaces leads to failure of protective coating applied on it and deterioration of surface beneath the coating. If chloride ions are present in higher concentration then it may corrode stainless steel and may be harmful for plant life. Chloride Test Kit from Rx Marine is equipped with all the requirements to determine chloride level in water. The kit is portable and easy to use and handle. It is a ready to use kit. Chloride Test Kit can be used on ships, marine industry, storage tanks, cooling towers, pipelines etc and for other such industrial usage.


Procedure for test:

Take 15ml of water in graduated Test Tube/Cylinder. Add 1-2 drops of RXSOL TX1 and mix with help of stirring rod. If sample turns Red/Pink then follow next step if sample remains colorless then proceed to step 4. Add RXSOL TK2 drop by drop while mixing with stirring rod until it becomes colorless. Add 3 drops of RXSOL TK3 and mix with stirring rod, the sample will turn yellow. Add RXSOL TK4 carefully drop by drop, while stirring at the same time until a light reddish/pink/brown color develops. Each drop is equivalent to 8 PPM of chlorides.


In low pressure boiler chloride content up to 100 PPM levels are acceptable. If the level rises more than 300 PPM level then it should be reduced by increased blow down method. Wherever there is possibility of high chloride levels, water should be checked regularly for possible saline contamination. The Chloride Test Kit from Rx Marine makes it easier to carry out this test anywhere and by anyone as it is easy to use, handle and carry.


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