Remove oil, dirt or grease by Electrical non flammable degreaser

Electrical non flammable degreaser from Rx Marine is a heavy duty evaporating degreaser and cleaner that is used on heavy duty electrical and mechanical equipments and electric motors. It is a non hazardous, solvent based degreaser cleaner with high performance ability. The stabilized fast acting solvent helps in easy removal of oil, dirt, grease, grime, wax and other such matters that are commonly caused by electric inefficiency or current leakages. it is safe to use for generators, motor powered tools, electronic equipment, electrical parts etc and is widely used in various industries, refineries, vessels, aviation and marine industry, oil and gas industry, hotels, manufacturing plants etc.


Important features of electrical nonflammable degreaser from Rx Marine

Since the non flammable degreaser is fast evaporating it dries up very fast and leaves no residue. Moreover, it is non flammable and non corrosive in nature, so it is safe to be used on ferrous as well as non ferrous metals. It quickly penetrates and emulsifies the most stubborn soil and grime. Furthermore, it is non conductive in nature. It helps cleaning at room temperature without heating, reducing costly hours of downtime and extending equipment life span increasing its longevity and durability. It is also useful in reducing fire hazards. Also, it can be used as an alternative to conventional electric cleaners.


Precautions to be taken:

  • Do not use on running motor or generator.
  • It may affect rubber or plastic, do take care to remove these parts before using the non flammable degreaser.
  • Use and clean in open ventilated area.
  • Use gloves and wear protective clothing while using any type of chemical.
  • In case the chemical comes in touch with the skin immediately washing with clean water and if required take medical help.

Direction for use:

Shake the product very well before using it. However, prior applying Rx Marine electrical non flammable degreaser generously on the surfaces where cleaning is required. It can be applied by a gentle brush or lightly sprayed on the surface. Lightly agitate with brush and leave to dry. Small parts those are heavily greased can be immersed in it for some time for quick and better results.


High performance products from Rx Marine

With almost two decades of experience behind them, Rx Marine is expert at catering industrial and domestic cleaning chemicals to almost all industries like Marine, Railways, Aviation, Domestic, Agriculture etc. The Company manufactures non toxic and biodegradable chemicals that are safe to be used and handled by all. These chemicals are made from eco- friendly ingredients that make them non hazardous in nature. As these are available in highly concentrated form these can be mixed with other solvents and used, that makes them more economical to use and works out cheaper than their counter parts available in the market. The qualities of all the chemicals are at par with high International standards.


Attractive packaging along with attractive services

The chemicals are all methodically packed in attractive packaging that is tamper proof, highly advanced and prevents any sorts of adulteration. Privileged and valuable customers may enjoy certain free services like free home delivery, video demonstration of the products and generous discounts. The Company’s 24 hour service can be conveniently used by the customers at any time of the day. The well trained and pleasant executives are ready to help guide the customers from the first call onwards. They can help selecting the chemical required for particular job, guide you how to use it with free demonstration and are ready to help even if any problems arises at any later date.


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