Corrosion Inhibitor (Pkr. Fluid) CORIN 303

CORIN 303 Corrosion inhibitor is a modified, amine-type additive designed to protect all oilfield tubular goods. CORIN 303 Corrosion inhibitor helps prevent general corrosion attack on casing, tubing and downhole tools in contact with clear completion brines.
Article News:
Packing Size:
210.00 Ltr.
Available Packing Size:
50, 210 Ltrs Drum
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Corrosion Inhibitor (Pkr. Fluid) CORIN 303
CORIN 303 Corrosion Inhibitor Pkr. Fluid  additive controls corrosion of tubing and casing strings when used in workover or packer brines, including sodium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium bromide, [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
General dose is recomended for treatment of clear brine fluids, 1 Drum (210 Ltrs) CORIN 303 Corrosion Inhibitor pkr. Fluid  should be added to 100 barrels (15.9 m3) aprrox 16 MT of brine. This is equal to 0. [+] Read More...
Advantages: Protects metal surfaces in both the shallow, upper part of the well and in the deeper, hotter areas. At the recommended concentration, CORIN 303 Corrosion Inhibitor pkr. Fluid  provides pr [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:

 Physical Properties

Physical appearance :Dark brown liquid
Specific gravity           :1.10
Flash point  :305°F (151.6°C) (PMCC)
Pour point : <11°F (-12°C)
 Viscosity at 77°F (25°C) : 4 cP



Corrosion Inhibitor (Pkr. Fluid) CORIN 303
Corrosion Inhibitor (Pkr. Fluid) CORIN 303
Corrosion Inhibitor (Pkr. Fluid) CORIN 303