Get clean boiler and cooling system with Descaling Liquid

Formation of scale causes many performance issues in boilers and coolers.  They damage the system and cause them to interfere with the heat transfer, which can in turn lead to overheating and boiler rupture in extreme cases. Descaling liquids are those products that contain descaling agents, corrosion inhibitors and emulsifying ingredients. It is a safe and easy way to clean boiler and cooler systems, which increases the performance life on the equipment.


Descaling liquid (RXSOL-11-1008-025) is capable of removing scale from both water-cooled and water-heated equipment. Its specific formulation is developed with fast acting chemical acid solvents that are used effectively to clean calorifiers, boilers, water cooling stems, heat exchangers and other rust and scale effected equipment. Its concentrated formulation is safe for use on ferrous metals. It effectively removes water scale and rust from a variety of metals.  Descaling liquid can be safely used in bottling industry, household appliances such as geysers, coffee makers, dishwashers, steam irons, bathtubs, fixtures etc. The liquid can be easily used in buildings, manufacturing industry, food industry, on metals, in paper industry, mining industry, textile industry, refineries, pharmaceutical companies, on rubbers and plastics too.


The Descaling Liquid effectively breaks down lime scale and mineral build up. It cleans away oil residue and mould too. Its acid based ingredient list contains inhibitors that save ferrous metals from any harm. The descaling liquid should not be used on zinc, aluminium, stainless steel, tin or any galvanized surfaces. It rapidly cleans mineral scale and improves plant efficiency, conserves energy, lowers maintenance cost and decreases down time. The liquid does not contain any toxic cresols or tar oils. In concentrated form, the descaling liquid can dissolve approx.1.5kgs of calcium carbonate scale.


The liquid can be applied in circulation method, which is the most effective method for cleaning large systems such as boilers, evaporators, heat exchangers, condensers etc. The descaling liquid needs to be mixed with water to form a 5-30% of solution, depending upon the level of accumulated scale. The liquid needs to be circulated at approx. 40-60 degree centigrade for 6-12hours. After the elapsed time, the system needs to be washed with ample amount of fresh water. If the system or the equipment to be cleaned is contaminated with grease or oily substance, it should be treated with a degreaser first. If the equipment to be cleaned is small, the soak and immersion method can also be utilized.


RX Marine’s Descaling liquid is an effective and economical concentrated liquid hat does not need any heating. The product is safe to be used by employees or personally compared to other acid products. The equipment can be cleaned in hours without the need of dismantling it. The equipment can also be cleaned without shutting down the system, which reduces the downtime. Regular cleaning with the descaling liquid will ensure a smooth running plant and equipment thus increasing the performance life of the machines.


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