Aluminium Cleaner - A unique formulation for shiny aluminium

If you have ever wondered how to clean household as well as industrial aluminium wares, the answer to the all the queries is Aluminium Cleaner. Aluminium Cleaner is a concentrated formula that is specifically formulated to clean and brighten household aluminium wares like pans, cutlery and other artefacts while in industry, to brighten oxidised aluminium sidings on industrial buildings and much more.


The Aluminium Cleaner (RXSOL-16-1028-025) is a concentrated liquid acid that contains effective emulsifiers and wetting agents which helps in removal of dirt film and yield uniform brightening of aluminium wares and other surfaces. The liquid leaner is composed of biodegradable detergents, which makes it safe for use with hands even without gloves. Its non-toxic, non-odour, cost effective formulation is a host of array of features and benefits.


The cleaner can be used safely on a variety of surfaces and wares such as household utensils, artefacts and decorative pieces, antiques, cleaning of trailers, removal of heat discoloration marks and stains, intercoolers and turbochargers, radiators, valve covers, side steps, dinghies, bull bars,  tarnish and mildew, rust and other stains. While effectively cleaning, the cleaner also removes 99.9% of germs thus making the surface safe to touch and use. The use of the liquid aluminium cleaner does not require any harsh scrubbing. Its special formulation makes it easy to use with just wipe-on and wipe-off action. The product needs to be diluted as per the usage instructions provided and applying on the surface to be cleaned from bottom to top. This action avoids streaking. The product needs to be rinsed immediately without allowing it to dry on the surface. It is much better and11 times more effective than normal caustic soda without causing any harm to the soft skin of hands. The product does not contain any phosphorus nor does it emit any fumes, which makes it environment friendly too.


Its fact acting formulation makes it convenient to use with just a small amount needed for cleaning a large area. Even heavy tarnish is removed effortlessly is the aluminium is not lacquered. Its non-abrasive nature makes it easy to use on many delicate and antique items. RX Marine’s all-purpose Aluminium Cleaner provides gives a lasting protection and shine to all your aluminium wares since it contains an anti-tarnish corrosion inhibitor property. Years of accumulated dirt, tarnish, discolouration and oxidation is removed effectively from aluminium as well as stainless steel, brass, silver, tiles and ceramic surfaces. So instead of buying different cleaning products for different surfaces, the Aluminium Cleaner does it all in one price.  Available in different packaged sizes from 500gms to 10kg, the product is cost effective and needs to be repurchased very seldom.


RX Marine provides precise usage and storage guidelines with all its products-chemical and non-chemical. Customers are requested to read the instructions carefully before using any product. The company urges its customers to follow the basic care and precautions while using any chemical. Basic safety norms of working gear such as gloves, facemask etc. is recommended when using such products. The product contains mineral acids which should be dealt with precaution. It should not be brought into contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Suitable protective clothing is advised when using the product. If accidental contact occurs with skin or eyes, wash with fresh water for a prolonged 15mins and seek medical attention immediately.  The product is intended for external use only. In case of accidental ingestion of the product, drink plenty of fruit juice and do not induce vomiting. Seek medical attention immediately.


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