Get a rust free environment with Metal Brite

Rust can play havoc with metals. If left untreated for long, the rust can permanently damage metals and yield it to no future use. Thus, cleaning liquids that contain phosphoric acid and non-ionic surfactants are used for effective rust cleaning and brightening jobs.


Heavy duty concentrated blends that are composed of acidic surfactants, organic compounds, solubilizer, inhibitors and other rust penetrating agents act as rust removing agents. This action of removal of rust is especially important before the application of paints and coatings. These liquid blends not only clean rust and brighten metals but also prevent further rusting. Metal Brite liquid rust remover can be used on a variety of metals such as brass, copper, chrome, nickel, stainless steel, aluminium and for machinery too. Other materials such as ceramic and S.S. wood surfaces also benefit from its cleaning properties whether they are painted or not.

Metal Brite (RXSOL-16-1011-025) is a concentrated formulation hence it should be used sparingly without prolonged contact to any metal as this may cause corrosion. The solution is non-flammable, odourless and acts as rut proofing agent too. It brightens the surface and prevents further corrosion and rusting.                


The liquid does not affect rubber or plastic compounds and can be used to remove corrosion, fat and salt contamination too. It is an excellent product to be used in marine applications, busses, tanks and containers, trains and ship tanks. Metal Brite is suitable for cleaning in both high and low pressure systems. It is available in economical packaging and proves to be cost effective since only a small amount is needed.


Since Metal Brite is a highly concentrated cleaning liquid, it needs to be diluted in water before use. Care should be taken to dilute the liquid into water in a plastic jar and not vice versa. Before cleaning any surface, make sure it is free from any oil, grease or dirt accumulation. For cleaning of steel surfaces, it is important the wash and remove any oil or grease from the surface. Once clean, the surface needs to be wet with Metal Brite solution and left on to dry for at least 15-20mins. After the elapsed time, the surface needs to be washed with ample water. A second application can be considered is there are stubborn rust stains.  For removal of heavy rust stains from painted surfaces and wood, Metal Brite should be applied in full concentration and kept for 15-20mins. After the elapsed time, the surface is to be washed off with water.


RX Marine Metal Brite can be applied through spraying method if the area to be cleaned is comparatively smaller. For bigger surface area where hand spraying is inadequate, re-circulation method should be applied. A 2-5% solution needs to be prepared in a fresh water tank and heated to 50 degree centigrade. The solution is then circulated for 45mins minimum.  Once done, the tanks need to be rinsed out for two hours with hot water. This will ensure there is no residue of the product.  The tank needs to be dried completely before further use.


RX Marine provides proper usage and storage guideline with all its products. When using Metal Brite solution for cleaning purposes, always wear protective clothing and work gear such as chemical resistant hand gloves, eye mask etc. to prevent contact with skin. If accidental contact occurs, wash immediately with ample water and seek medical attention right away. It solution may cause burns and irritation when in contact with skin. Cleaning of brass, aluminium and copper equipment needs immediate flushing with water upon completion of the job.


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