Get bacteria free water with Coliform Test Kit

With increasing pollution and stress, diseases are everywhere. Even water borne diseases. Contaminated water is an increasing concern. Water contaminated with bacteria is giving rise to myriad diseases which if not controlled may start harmful epidemic. Though not all bacteria cause diseases, some harmful traces of E.Coli bacteria can cause hazardous health situations.  To check such contamination, Coliform Test Kit (RXSOL-62-5523-001) is a great instrument.  The kit filters water from all kinds of sources-tap, storage tanks, purifiers, river, pond and spring water etc.  It can be easily used by individuals in households, factories, offices, shops, banks, schools and many more places.


Water cannot be tested for bacteria with taste or smell. Reliable water testing for bacteria is the only way to make water safe for use. The need becomes more obvious if previous bacteria contaminated water cases have been found. The bacterial contamination is more likely to affect water during summers and springs since wet weather conditions support the growth of bacteria. Many a times a defective well proves to be the cause of coliform bacteria infection. The test is always conducted in a number of samples to be sure of any impurity in water. Whether the tests are positive or negative, the series of test sample would determine the quality of water.


The Coliform test kit contains media pouches and a sterilised container. Water to be tested is to be poured in the sterilised bottle till a predetermined line. A full single media pouch needs to be cut and emptied into the water in the sterilised container and made to stand for at least 18-24hours in a warm place. After the elapsed time, the water colour needs to be checked to determine the bacterial contamination. If the colour of the water does not change the water is free from any bacterial contamination and is safe for consumption. If the colour of the water changes to yellow, it indicates bacterial contamination and is not safe for consumption.

If Coliforms are detected, the water systems need to be repaired, cleaned or modified to eradicate any future contamination risk. A simple way to destroy bacteria in water is to boil it before every use. The process needs to be carried out every time till water is tested again for complete elimination of bacteria. Positive results mean one stands higher chance to contract water borne disease. Positive E.Coli results also indicate contamination of wells with faecal matter as well as contamination coming from cattle such as chicken, pigs, cows and sheep.


The Coliform Test Kit by RX Marine is an easy to use disposable step wise testing kit to indicate the presence of coliform bacteria in drinking water supply. The nutrients used in the test kit are non-hazardous in nature. E.Coli contaminated water is becoming a source of major public concern. Since it is water borne infection, the effects can be widespread and hazardous. Children, elderly and ill people stand a chance to contract infections quite rapidly due to lower immunity levels. The test kit comes in handy when water contamination is suspected. It contains single use test ingredients that can be safely disposed of after the test. A fresh kit needs to be purchased for retesting for bacterial infection.



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