Get squeaky clean floors with Floor Stripper Ultra Concentrate

Before beginning with any kind of new floor finish, the existing acrylic or metallic finish needs to be removed completely from the floor. Floor Stripper Ultra Concentrate is the answer to that. The solution is a highly concentrated and powerful formula that quickly penetrates deep within and emulsifies floor finish. Apart from acting as a floor remover, the solution also is a great degreaser that removes all kind of grime and grease.

The Floor Stripper Ultra Concentrate (RXSOL-13-1654-010) has little foaming property and is free from ammonia. It is bio degradable in nature and does not contain any hazardous caustic agents. It penetrates the surface and dissolves floor finish and all other kinds of dirt, grease, stubborn finishes and heavy build-up without much effort. This makes it a powerful degreasing agent too. It is a high alkaline fragrance free formula which is suitable for removing any resin or acrylic finish. Although the product is suitable for use on most interior floor types, it is not meant for use on marble, wood or natural stone floors. Its heavy duty formula makes it ideal for both commercial as well as residential uses.

Since the solution is a powerful concentrate, it is readily soluble in water and makes large amounts of solution for floor removing. One gallon of remover makes approx. nine gallons of floor stripping solution. It is thus required in minimal quantities and proves to be economical. The remover needs to be diluted with warm water as per the instruction leaflet. The company provides the consumers with the dilution rate such as:


1:8 water parts for Light build-up

1:6 water parts for Medium build-u

1:4 water parts for Heavy build-up

1:8 water parts for Automatic machine

The next step is to allow it to penetrate the surface for at least 5minuttes on which it has been spread. This can be done with the help of a cotton mop or a scrubbing machine. Once the time has elapsed, the solution can be sucked up or wiped off with a water vacuum or a mop. Once neutralized, the surface needs to be washed nicely with cold water and dried thoroughly. The solution is ideal for vinyl composite tile, asphalt tile, rubber tile, terrazzo and ceramic tile floorings.

RX Marine’s Floor Stripper Ultra Concentrate is not only an efficient floor stripping product but very economical and cost effective too. Since it is a powerful concentrate, the requirement is very less and the solution does its work in no time.  Also it is available in convenient packing size thus minimizing your repurchase. Along with the product, one would avail an instruction manual as to the way the product has to be used and stored. RX Marine always urges its consumers to use suitable gear when handling chemicals even if the chemical is non-hazardous. Always read the safety and usage instructions carefully before working with the product. The efficient company staffs are always available through mails and hotline numbers for any query or assistance required regarding the product.



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