Bio Sol Cleaner – A heavy duty cleansing product

For those who work in industries dealing with oil and gas, mining, marine, automotive industry, restaurants and hotels, aerospace industries, construction and many other small industries dealing with challenging dirty and greasy surfaces day in and day out, Bio Sol Cleaner is the solution. Bio Sol Cleaner is a heavy duty cleansing product that degreases and cleans sticky, oily, greasy surface with ease and gives you a clean, hygienic and shiny surface. The cleaner is a specifically formulated enzymatic liquid which is meant for cleaning both hard as well as soft surfaces - be in industries or in a kitchen.          


Bio Sol Cleaner is the best product for those for whom personnel and environmental safety is a priority. Working with a varied range of chemicals and industrial products makes it imperative that the surrounding areas and surfaces are kept clean for future performance along with safety. This requires one to face challenging clean up situations such as cleaning up of bitumen, asphalt salts, drilling mud, pine tar, crude oil, creosote, pulp pitch, coal dust, turbine smoke etc. Bio Sol Cleaner is the most suitable product for acting on removal of fats, dirt, oil and grease from all surfaces. This type of cleaner is not bleach or a solvent. It works by breaking down the molecular structure of the grease or at thereby detaching it from the surface.


The cleaner can be effectively used in marine industry where oil spills are a common feature on sea or sea shores.  The solution can be sprayed directly on the oily surface and thus dispersed into the sea. This will make the water environment friendly and safe to use.


Bio Sol can also be used safely degrease and disperse heavy grease and oil build up seen on engines, heavy machineries, mechanical parts and industrial equipment in the automotive industry.  Other industries which find Bio Sol cleaner useful are the hospitality industry and aerospace industry. Since the cleaner is non-flammable and non-corrosive, the cleaner is efficiently and safely used in hangars, airports, restaurants and hotels.


Bio Sol Cleaner can be very effectively and safely administered through manual application with the help of cleaning accessories such as mop, brush, sponge etc.  The solution can be applied directly to the soiled surfaces in rotary motion with a rigid brush, injection extractor, scrubber drier or a pressure washing machine. This agitation will cause the cleaner to create a rich foamy solution. Depending upon the severity of the siled surface the solution needs to be kept for 15-60mins to react with the greasy and oily surface. Once the time has elapsed, the surface needs to be washed with ample amount of water to remove all traces of the solution.


The cleaner can be used effectively to clean greased floor, ceilings, filters, machineries, swimming pools, tiles, vehicles, carpets and upholsteries, kitchen floors, toilets and maintenance cleaning of almost all surfaces.


Bio Sol Cleaner can be used safely since it is bio degradable in nature.  It can easily act as substitute to acetone, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, IPA and other harmful alcohol solvents. It has a unique chemical composition suitable for cleaning both smooth and rough surfaces with minimal scrubbing.  It is very safe to handle and is non-toxic in nature.  It does not contain any chlorinated hydrocarbons, is environment friendly and can be used on all metals and most painted surfaces.  Apart from removing regular grease and fat deposits, Bio Sol Cleaner is equally effective in cleaning touch automotive and transportation mess, polyurethanes, enamels and varnishes.  The cleaner is non-volatile and non-corrosive thus leaving a clean and disinfected surface without any residue. It is available in economic and cost effective packaging in liquid form displaying good wetting and emulsifying properties.


RX Marine always advises its consumers to read the safety instruction leaflets provided with the product before commencing with the use of products.  Even when the product is bio-degradable, non-toxic and non-volatile, it is always advisable to use proper cleaning gear such as gloves and hand masks when handling such products.



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