Waterless hand cleaner for cleaning-up your hands

Waterless hand cleaners from Rx Marine are used to clean your hands of any sort of stubborn dirt and grime without use of any water. This white creamy gel comes in handy in places where there is no water or while you are travelling. It solves another purpose, of keeping the wash area clean, where the sink may get dirtier and oily if you wash your grease stained hands in them. Even helps keep your workstation, walls, inside of car etc clean as this waterless hand cleaner can be kept and used anywhere, anytime.


Constitution of the waterless hand cleaner

This creamy gel contains natural ingredients, moisturizers, surfactants and dispersing agents. There is orange or lemon peel extract in it, which makes it harmless on the skin and gives out a fresh and beautiful smell after use.


Functions of the waterless hand cleaner

It effectively removes heavy duty soils easily and quickly. It is safe to use for skin as it is moisturizer based gel. It has a fresh and clean fragrance. It can be used with or without water. It helps condition the hands and prevents drying and cracking of skin even after multiple use. It is an environment friendly product. It can be used anywhere as there is no need of water and helps prevent wastage of water. It is economical in use as only a little amount is required for toughest of cleaning. It has long storage life without decreasing quality or viscosity. It is a better substitute for petroleum or caustic based detergents.


Effective industrial hand cleaner

This waterless hand cleaner is very effective for use if you are working in print shop, automotive workshop, oil fields, ship maintenance, garage or any industrial area where there is too much of grease and dirt involved. It helps remove the toughest grease, grime, ink, paints, oil, tar, carbon, adhesives or any such marks with ease.


How to use it

Apply around 2 to 5gms of the gel on grease stained hands, gently rub the hands together then just wipe off with clean towel. You may also rinse hands with water, if needed, but results show better when wiped clean with towel without using water.


Why go in for waterless hand cleaner from Rx Marine

All the products of Rx Marine are made up of high quality and standardized ingredients which are very environment friendly and very safe for use and health. When making any industrial products like waterless hand cleaners, degreasers, water treatment chemicals, chemicals used in various industries, both commercial and domestic, Rx Marine keep the safety of the workers and the customers topmost on their priority list. Best quality products are manufactured at most effective, competitive and economical rates. The eco friendly and non toxic ingredients are used in the products to make it environment safe, too. All the products are packed in advance technology based tamper proof packaging to make sure the genuine products reach the client’s doorstep promptly on time and at most desirable rates.


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