Chlorine tablets for effectual purification of drinking water

Chlorination of water is today’s need which is accepted worldwide.  Chlorine tablets are the easiest, cheapest and effective method of disinfecting and purification of potable water.  Chlorine tablets from Rx Marine are dry organic chlorine available in tablet form for feasibility of usage.


Usage in various fields

These Chlorine tablets are worldwide used in various fields like in navy, army, household, schools, hospital etc for purification of water. Hence they are very handy and useful during epidemics, floods, cyclones and other natural calamities.


Important functions of chlorine tablets

Chlorine tablets are mainly used for Purification of drinking water. It is also used for treatment of drains and sewage. Treatment for swimming pools making them disinfectant, fight against infectious diseases, Environmental sterilization. It acts as disinfectant in raising livestock, poultry and fish. It helps Bleaching the plain white cloth or textile. It is also employing for cleaning industrial circulating water. It helps in disinfecting industrial residue. It is completely safe to use. It is easily available in the market as well as very economically priced. It is effective at low concentrations. It is much safer to use than its liquid form.


How to use and how much?

The quantity of chlorine tablets required depends on the extent of the nature of the problem. It is generally hung from a cloth inside the water tank for purification of water. Do not let it stay at the bottom of the metal tank. To use the accurate quantity of Chlorine tablets for various purposes read and follow the given instruction label thoroughly. The tablets should be stored in cool and dry place for long lasting.


Best quality products from Rx Marine

Along with Chlorine tablets Rx Marine is pioneer at producing high class chemicals for various industries like Domestic, Automobile, Marine, Railways, Water treatment, Agriculture and many more. Their products are non toxic and biodegradable in nature which makes them environment friendly and very safe to use for workers as well as the customers. The concentrated form of the products makes them very economical to use with least of wastage. The ingredients and the packaging, both are of best quality meeting up the International Standards. The tamper proof packaging of goods prevents any mal practices and you are guaranteed to receive genuine goods right on time at your doorstep. With all the profound qualities of the products, they are very economically priced at a very competitive rate and are easily accessible.


Rx Marine proudly boasts of a long list of satisfied customers

The 24 hour service from Rx Marine boasts of happy and eager to help customer care team. From your first call onwards they will help you recognize your problem and help you buy the required product for the same. You can be assured of their full attention to all their customers alike without any discrimination. They assist with demonstrations too if required. There long list of satisfied customers have made them gain great Goodwill in the chemical manufacturing industry. You can rely on best quality goods and services from Rx marine always.


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