Cement Remover – An effective cleaner for cement laden surfaces

Cement stain removal can be a challenging and rigorous task giving unsatisfied results. These kinds of stains can be found on vehicles, heavy duty trucks, construction machineries and many other commercial places. Once settled and hardened, it might prove to be frustrating to remove the cement stains. What is needed is a strong chemical based formula that dissolves even the minute cement particles and looses it from the surface without causing any harm to the surface. The procedure of cement removal can be achieved successfully on dry surfaces rather than on wet ones.


A molecular cement dissolver that cleans the cement without leaving any harmful residue or smell is which can be an apt cement remover. Such a remover is much preferred rather than using hazardous acids to clean cement laden surfaces. This type of cleanser generally derives its active ingredient from sugar cane syrup and thus is biodegradable in nature. The action of sugar on concrete has been a known fact for many years. In fact, in many of the industries and applications, sugar is also used to slow down the setting of mortar. Though dry sugar does not have that effect on hardened concrete, sugar solutions have the needed power to dissolve such cement sediments and thus act corrosive.


Such a liquid is best used to remove hardened concrete from a variety of surfaces safely. The solution helps to break down ionic bond between the cement particles and thus loosen the cement from the surface. Chemically speaking, the solution turns the positive ions of the rigid cement sediment into negative ions and thus dissolves the cement. This can be easily washed off with plain water to clean the surface.


The cement remover is available in strong solution form from industrial and chemical suppliers. First step in the process would be scrapping off excess cement from the surface as much as possible. This will give the solution the strength to act faster. It can be used on any surface by either spraying or brushing it on to the surface. The chemical has to be left for 15-20mins in order to act on the sediment and loosen it from the surface. After the time duration the process is again repeated to fully saturate the sediment.  After the concrete has softened in 20 mins, it can be easily rinsed of with plain water from the surface. The solution can be used to remove stains from plastics, painted surfaces - flat and textured, metals, tank skeleton inlets, cavities etc.


The highlighting specifications of this product from RxMarine are that the cement remover is available in strong formulation with as much as 98-100% of active matter. It is non hazardous, non flammable, biodegradable and non-fuming. It is practically safe for a variety of surface cleaning such as rubber, plastic, aluminum, chrome, glass etc. Moreover, it does not remove rubber cement. It can effectively remove cement, mortar, stucco and grout. Also, it is perfectly suitable for dry stain removal. It is also available in higher chemical formulation making it more economical and it is used in small quantities thus lasts longer. It is available in bigger packs of 20, 25 and 50 litres. Many solutions are available with spray nozzles. It is suitable for direct cleaning as it does not leave any harmful residue. Thus a cement remover can effectively and safely remove concrete and other related stains within your budget without leaving a trace of any cement particle.


The products manufactured by Rx Marine are always in tamper proof packaging along with advanced technology to evade any tampering possibilities with the products that maintains the high standard tag of RxMarine. The best quality product, delivery within stipulated time, efficient before and after sales service, most suitable rates and customer satisfaction are guaranteed. Rx Marine caters to various different industries like Agriculture, Automobiles, Marine, Railways, Airlines, and Domestic etc with the means of best quality cleaning chemicals. The standards of all the products are at par with International Standards.


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