Disc Cleaner – A perfect solution for deposit removal

Disc cleaner from Rx Marine is a solution which is a blend of organic solvent with heavy duty and concentrated emulsifying acidic agents and can effectively remove carbonaceous and varnish deposits from the separator discs in the purifier and filters.

It helps remove heavy tenacious deposit and very much effective for removal of salt deposition like calcium carbonate. It also helps remove oily residues, carbon deposits, burnt grease, lacquers etc. It effectively cleans discs without dismantling disc stacks. It enhances efficiency of centrifuge installation and reduces downtime. Moreover, it helps clean metal surfaces with exception to some metals. It cleans all types of separator discs and concentrated emulsifying agents helps effectively in removal of heavy deposits without the need of brushing and scrubbing. Recirculation and heating of the solution makes the cleaning action more effective. As it is highly concentrated it is diluted with water so makes it more economical.


Disc cleaner from Rx Marine can be used for cleaning of fuel oil and lube oil filters and purifies, stainless steel separator discs etc and other such items. For normal cleaning it should be diluted with one part Disc Cleaner from Rx Marine to 5 parts water (or 1:1 ratio of any solvent like diesel). The dose exactly required, depends on the nature and extent of dirt and contamination.

For heavy cleaning process immerse the Discs in concentrated Disc Cleaner for 15 min to 3 hours, as required. For more effectiveness solution can be heated up to 50- 60 degree centigrade, which is optional. After the estimated time of immersion, when the discs are clean, take them out using protective gloves and rinse thoroughly with fresh water and the discs are ready for use again.


Precautions to be taken:

Do not use the solution on soft metals like tin, zinc, aluminum or galvanized surfaces. Wear protective gloves and clothing while using the solution. Avoid any contact with eye or any other body part. If solution gets sprinkled on any body part then immediately wash with plenty of fresh water and in case required take medical help. Keep out of reach of children. Read instruction manual very carefully before using.


Super quality Disc Cleaner from Rx Marine International

Be assured of best quality Disc Cleaner from Rx Marine International. The Company is in chemical manufacturing industry for almost two decades now and excels in production of high standard chemical products. The products are made of environment friendly ingredients and safety of labors and customers are kept in mind. The highly concentrated products work out very economical as they are diluted with water for use. The Company gives special privileges and discounts to their esteemed customers. Easy accessibility and various cleaning products are available under one roof makes it easier for customers to shop from. Avail high quality product at low prices from Rx Marine International.


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All the products from Rx Marine come in tamper proof packaging with advanced technology to avoid any tampering with the products. There is no compromise on the high standard material used for production. Even the customer care service comprises of a team of helpful and eager to help staff. Rx Marine proudly caters to different industries like Agriculture, Automobiles, Marine, Railways, Airlines, and Domestic etc with the best quality cleaning chemicals. The standards of all the products are at par with International Standards. The best quality product, delivery within stipulated time, efficient before and after sales service, most suitable rates and customer satisfaction are guaranteed.


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