Boiler Sludge Conditioner

Boiler Sludge Conditioner is a high-performance product used to boil water which gets contaminated with water. It is a kind of treatment which is truly based on polymeric and sodium hexametaphosphate sludge conditioners and used at any pressure to precipitate calcium hardness. The product acts like a mobile phosphate sludge and injected continuously to the feed water without the use of excessive scale. The product is a high-performance boiler water sludge conditioner used to prevent deposits of oil from both medium and low-pressure steam boilers.


Reason of boiler water sludge

The main reason of boiler water sludge is caused by the deposition of the traces of suspended matter or salts in feed waters or steam boilers. The quantity of salt and suspended matter, if left untreated, increases in the boiler water which results in the creation of sludge. The sludge settles down at the bottom and gets converted into crystalline scale when "bakes" on the boiler heat transfer surfaces. This result in the increase of maintenance cost and also degrades the overall efficiency of the boiler and heat transfer capability. In order to maintain the boiler systems so that they can operate at optimum efficiency, there is a need to maintain the water conditioner at all times and can be achieved only by using Boiling Sludge Conditioner.


Benefits of using the conditioner

The Boiler Sludge Conditioner is a very effective neutralized organic acid responsible for transparent boiler water effect. The benefits and characteristics of the sludge conditioner are that it can be combined with other boiler products responsible for water treatment in order to prevent deposition of sludge. Moreover, it is easy to use and apply. It is responsible for removing oil droplets from the surface of water by blow-down. It is like a restriction agent as the oil gets collected and deposited on the internal surface. It is a high-performance boiler used in any pressure to precipitates the hardness of the calcium.


The characteristics are that it is a non-toxic product and simple and accurate way of testing. It is combined with polymer technology as highly specialises in nature. It operates with low dissolved solid levels. It controls organic corrosion. It helps to stop excessive caustic build-up.


Applications and procedures using Boiler Sludge Conditioner

Dosing Procedure: A volume of about 100ml of the conditioner should be dosed every day on the containers containing water where oil contamination takes place. Off-line cleaning is very important before applying the product to the areas where oil contamination exists. Thus, the application should be repeated on the daily basis for about two weeks or more until all the oil removes completely.


Feeding Procedure: The procedure is directly applied to the boiler by using a chemical injection pump or bypass pot feeder. In a case of using low-pressure boilers, the solution gets dosed into the hot well or the condensate return tank.


Safety and Handling measures

Handle the conditioner with care and store it in a cool, dry and ventilated environment. Before its use, it is always advisable to carry out essential “Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) measures.


Physical properties

  • White in colour and appears like a viscous liquid
  • It is a high molecular weight solution.
  • It is of low causticity and hydrophilic in nature.
  • It is odourless.
  • It acquires pH value: 8 and specific gravity: 0.85gr/cm3 at 15 degree Celsius.
  • It is non-volatile and non-flammable.

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