Alkaleen Safety Liquid – effective water based cleaner

Alkleen safety liquid is non-caustic water-based alkaline cleaner to prevent corrosion of metals like aluminium, brass, tin, copper and zinc. It helps in minimizing all the hazards comes while handling caustic based material. This liquid is very useful in cleaning wall, metals, wood work, cargo tank and gas freeing of tanks. RXSOL-20-2004-035 contains Alkleen safety liquid which acts like corrosion inhibitor, surfactants, rust-preventive and emulsifier.

It has been evaluated by a working group called BLG so that they can Evaluate Safety and Pollution Hazards of Chemicals (ESPH) in order to meet the requirements of cleanliness.


Highlighting features of Alkleen Safety Liquid

Alkleen Safety Liquid is designed to clean hydrocarbons, light carbonized grease, animal/vegetable oil, heavy oil, lube oil and remove dirt. It is Non-caustic, non-flammable and biodegradable in nature. Moreover, it acts like a powerful alkaline tank cleaner containing different types of detergents. It is non-corrosive to epoxy coating and ferrous metals. It is used for hydrocarbon-freeing of tanks and deodorizing. It does not contain any estrogenic compound and nonyl phenol ethoxylates.


Benefits of using Alkleen Safety Liquid

It is used to remove grease deposits and hardened oxidised oil from any of the furniture or fabric. The main benefit of using this liquid is to clean heavy duty cargo tank as discharge of semi-drying and non-drying fats and oil gets deposited on the surface or inside the tank. It helps in the rapid emulsification and penetration of fish, animal or vegetable oil by quickly rinses the oil with this safety liquid. It can also be used at the last step of cleaning tank when converting from black to white and for hydrocarbon freeing of cargo tanks containing oil.


Acts like a powerful agent

Alkleen Safety Liquid acts like a powerful cleaner used as deodorising agent and tank sanitizer for cleaning of cargo tanks. The cargo tanks after the discharge of drying, semi-drying and non-drying natural fats and oils gets deposited on the tank and it is hard to clean these heavy tanks. Thus, to achieve the final path of cleanliness, a final wash with this liquid is very necessary at the end of cleaning the heavy tank in order to get a quick shine.


How to use the liquid

The tanks gets flushed with cold water immediately after the cargo has been discharged in order to prevent evaporation and polymerisation of the fractions which are light in weight. So whenever possible, clean the solution of 0.2-3% only in fresh water which gets heated at 60-80 degree Celsius. The boiling temperature for some of the polymerising natural oils differs as they demand to lower cleaning temperature.

One of the most economical methods of using Alkleen Safety Liquid is to directly inject the liquid followed by washing in a circular manner by using different tank cleaning machines. If handling of tank cleaning machines is not possible, use other methods like hand spraying or recirculation.  

At the time of changing refrigerated cargo in order to remove vegetable or animal oil/fats, sanitise and deodorise the cargo completely before the next cargo. For this purpose, a solution of 5-10% is mixed in fresh water and spread the solution by using high pressure and hot water.


Involvement of Rx Marine

Rx Marine is the manufacturer of various types of non-toxic chemicals that are less hazardous when compared with the other products available in the market by the same of different names. The products are prepared with the latest technological methods by adopting new techniques and provide 24*7 services to solve all the queries of their customers. This Alkleen safety liquid product from RxMarine serves the need and requirement for different tank cleaning purposes.



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