Oil Spill Dispersant Type 1 from RxMarine

Dispersant or Emulsifiers are those products that help to penetrate into the oil particles and slowly tend to loosen them and thus disperse the oil from the surface. The type I oil spill dispersant is a biodegradable emulsifier that has low toxicity and high penetration power.  It is a low aromatic based product which has superior emulsification properties. The product completely penetrates, emulsifies and finally disperses oil.


Such kinds of oil spill dispersants are quite useful in cleaning oil spills at sea, beaches, and harbors as well as on land. It has great uses in industries too. These oil spill dispersants contain 93-95% of the active matter which is biodegradable in nature thus safe. They also exhibit low toxicity with high emulsification power. They penetrate the oil surface and loosen the hydrocarbon particles of the oil into very minute particles.  They are available in concentrated blends of solvents and dispersants in ready to use avatar. Being biodegradable in nature, they reduce fire hazard and are pollution free.


Oil spill at sea can be cleaned by using concentrated formula of the oil spill dispersant liquid by simply a hand spray, fire hoses, or work boats with mounted spray nozzles. Once directly sprayed, the oil needs some time to be soaked up by the dispersant. After absorption, the oil needs to be dispersed by vigorous movement using fire hoses, breaker boats or ship’s propellers. Oil on the decks can be removed by spraying the solution on the oil spilled area and allowing some time for the dispersant to absorb the oil.


After the chemical reaction is over, the oil gets emulsified and can be dispersed with the help of water from fire hoses or pumps. It may be required to repeat the procedure if the spill is over a large area and in big amounts. Oil spills on the beaches and shore lines can be removed by concentrated formula of the dispersant being sprayed on the affected area. Once the chemical reaction breaks the hydrocarbon chain and emulsifies the oil, it needs to be washed off with washing down the beach or the rocks. Depending upon the severity and area of oil spill, the process may call for repetition.


Apart from these uses, the dispersant can also be used for tank cleaning purposes. The solution can be used with the help of injection or recirculation. This type of dispersant is more ecologically acceptable than other liquids. The dispersant can also be used to clean other shipboard oil spills such as engine parts, heat exchangers, bilges, water systems, diesel engine cooling systems etc.


Why buying Oil Spill Dispersant Type-1 from RxMarine?

Oil Spill Dispersant Type-1 from RxMarine penetrates to emulsify and finally disperses oil to clean oil spills at sea, beaches, and harbors as well as on land. It is immediately removes spilled oil possible with the help of oil absorbent. The oil spill dispersant type-I from RxMarine is available in big quantity containers which reduces the need to re-buy for every cleaning purpose. It is also quite cost effective and can be used for several applications. The product is not known to have any effect on rubber or metal. This makes the solution quite suitable for a wide range of oil spill cleaning jobs.


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