Antifreeze Corrosion Inhibitor from RxMarine

RXSOL Antifreeze liquid as the name suggests is basically an organic corrosion inhibitor that is used mostly in water systems to protect metals from corrosion including aluminum and other metals. Its special formulation protects against radiators and engines from rust. It does not also cause any environmental problems as they are bio-degradable.  


Features of Antifreeze Corrosion Inhibitor from RxMarine are:-

It has a long shelf life and it can be used as a coolant in high temperatures for internal combustions machines, engines, snow melting systems and heat transfer fluids in industrial areas. A concentrated fluid, this can be diluted as per requirement and used for protection against rust and corrosion. It also helps cool the radiator and heater which connects to the pipes, hoses and rings. Moreover, additional protection against inner pitting, deposition of mineral scale, cavitation-erosion and also electrolytes is also provided by this Antifreeze liquid from RxMarine.


It is applicable to each and every possible type of Radiator, Engine coolant, Engine Jacket and many other areas. It does not have any bad or detrimental effects on non-metallic substances like glass gaskets, hoses, seals etc. It simply incorporates super inhibitors of corrosion to prevent the damage and rusting.


It helps in prolonging the life of the machinery as it inhibits corrosion and scale. As it is alkaline or basic, it prevents the formation of acid and acid corrosion which would if not prevented result in pitting. However the level of pH is such that even if the liquid is overdosed the pH will remain within limits. It also reduces the maintenance costs and overhead costs associated with it. Moreover, it is friendly with metals such as steel, copper, aluminum as well as non-metals such as gasket, hoses, rubbers, rings etc. It further prevents overheating of machines and thus protects them. It is compatible with most all the coolants and lubricants, antifreeze solution and glycols available in the market. The best part is that, it is non-staining and does not leave a mark. It also further improves the life of the machine by providing a clean heat transfer among them.


This liquid from RxMarine should be mixed with 75 liters of water that will result in a protection to -14C or a 25% solution by volume. Moreover, for extra protection a 33% solution is mixed to give a protection to about -17C. For first timers 9 liters of RXSOL 2000-III is mixed with 1000 liters of distilled water which is untreated. However it is advised that after every 500-6500 km the RXSOL must be added to the car engine for the better life and longevity or 250-300 hours of running time or after every 2 month interval.


For application, the entire engine is cleaned with water first to wash out any impurities. Then it is washed with any alkaline liquid of choice, if necessary. Adding 0.15 to 1.5% solution of the RXSOL-2000 and the pH level must be maintained in between 8.3 to 10 after treatment. It must also be noted that before adding the RXSOL it is imperative that the engine is cleaned of old dust and scale so that the RXSOL can act properly and show its actions fast.


General Specification and Properties of the Antifreeze liquid:-

The color may differ between pink and red varies according to the product. The Specific Gravity of the product is 1.1 to 1.25 again depending upon the particular product considered. The pH level of the RXSOL is generally alkaline with levels varying from 11.3 to 11.5. The freezing point is -17C and there are varying Nitrite levels for different models of RXSOL.



In case of any contamination with eyes or skin or any other part, medical attention must be seeked out but before that there are certain procedures. Washing the affected part with copious amounts of water for about 15 minutes then seeking medical attention. Wash the contaminated area with clean water and remove contaminated clothing. Get fresh air and if breathing seems to be irregular it is best to seek help. Induce vomiting if required to get the material out of the stomach, obtain immediate medical help and don’t try to feed anything to the unconscious person.


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