Tank Cleaning Chemicals

We at Rx Marine have been serving our clients for almost two decades now. Our service and our products speak for us. We specialize in chemical manufacturing, large part of which is catering exclusively to the marine industry. Growing list of our clients from world over has instilled strong confidence in us and has made it easier for us to move with times. We believe in continuous research and development of our products making them more innovative, productive and contemporary.


Various Tank Cleaning Products from Rx Marine

Some of products are listed below:

Tank Clean- This highly concentrated organic / inorganic emulsifier is used as general degreaser and helps remove oil, grease, grime, dyes, adhesives etc with ease. It is used for cleaning double bottom tanks, pipelines, wing tanks fuel oil tanks etc.

Secleaner- This is a liquid blend of concentrated emulsifier with detergents. It is used for cleaning boilers, marine diesel engines, deep tanks, deck, engine rooms etc.

Cold wash- It is a highly concentrated and economical emulsifier. You can safely use on painted surfaces, coated surfaces and on most metal surfaces. It is used for tank cleaning or for degreasing. It keeps the painted or coated surface in good condition without damaging it.

Alkaline Safety Liquid- This is a mixture of rust preventives, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and surfactants.  It is used to clean fats, animal/vegetable oils and hydrocarbons on cargo tanks.  As it is non caustic it is gentle on hands and is best suited for cleaning metals, wood work, walls etc.

Liquid Alkaline Cleaner- It is heavy duty and highly concentrated water based alkaline cleaner. It is used to remove oil and grease and is used for general purpose cleaning. It is non caustic alkaline cleaner for tank cleaning purpose.

Chem Break- It is best suited for slop tanks. It is non corrosive with low toxicity, highly effective, economical solvent degreaser used for engine rooms, tank tops, bilges etc.

CTC Cleaner VLC- This is a very strong cleaner helps soften up dried oils, fish oils, vegetable oils etc. Since it biodegradable it minimizes hazards to hands. It is best for cleaning kerosene, mineral oil, lube oil etc.

HCF Remover- This is another strong but low foaming cleaner to remove stubborn oils, Tung oil, fish oil, vegetable oil etc. It is free from Hydrocarbon solvents and minimizes any handling hazards.


Why go in for tank cleaning chemicals from Rx Marine?

We at Rx Marine take into consideration all the aspects of production of the Tank Cleaning chemicals. Not only best quality ingredients are used but they are eco friendly and are best suitable for handling without posing any hazard to hands and health. The products are of top quality and come in a discrete advanced packaging and are absolutely tamper proof.


Excellent service from Rx Marine


The ever ready to help and well trained staff of Rx Marine not only is for selling the products but they guide the client step by step, helping him choose the right product required for the concerned job. The service does not end there, they also provide after sales service as and when required. Client feels safe and secure while buying Rx Marine products. All the regulations of environment safety are followed during production of chemicals. The products are not only safe and environment friendly but are safe to handle and poses no hazard to health. The 24x7 service and excellent quality Tank Cleaning chemicals have put Rx Marine on top of the best chemical suppliers list in this industry.


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