Cooling Water Treatment- Techniques and its Uses

Water being used as a highly efficient cooling medium in many industrial, manufacturing and commercial processes, it becomes imperative to maintain these systems correctly in order to obtain optimum efficiency. This calls for effectual cooling water treatments. Cooling Water Treatment forms an integral part of many industries in their process operations. This important aspect may be adversely affected by corrosion, scale, fouling and microbial contamination hampering the productivity and the overall product quality. Any successful cooling water treatment must address these issues to reduce costs of maintenance and other productivity failures. This requires proper knowledge as to the kind of treatment suitable for a given system to provide uncontaminated heat transfer surface for proper efficiency.

Treatments such as closed loop, open circulating, geo thermal, once through and other cooling systems are available in the market depending on the firm’s chemical, mechanical and operational conditions. Many such treatments are tailor made to suit the client’s specific needs.


Corrosion and Scale Control

Corrosion and scale inhibitors formulated for use in specific process have been designed keeping in mind latest technologies used in industry processes. Inhibitors containing as high as 83% of active matter are available for use in both high and low temperature closed cooling water systems. Such systems are common in internal combustion engines, DG sets and compressors. These treatments prevent corrosion and scale formation thus helping in keeping the equipment life prolonged and providing clean heat transfer. Along with the treatments, kits that monitor and control ppm levels are also available.

Corrosion inhibitors and anti-scalants are available in both liquid and powder form. These not only act their part but also protect all kinds of metal such as cast iron, copper and mild steel against acid corrosion. Inhibition of metallic corrosion delivers progressed system performance, reduces maintenance costs, and improves reliability.


Fouling prevention

To prevent fouling by marine growth such as mussels, algae, barnacles, shellfish and   other micro organisms and fungal growth , the sea side of the cooling water systems are treated with effective, amino based dispersing cleanser. These cleansers come with up to 98% of active matter to prevent fouling as well as act as corrosion inhibitor in many cases.

The treatment chemicals contain a line of oxidizing and non-oxidizing biodispersants, algaecides and biocides that are effective in open re-circulating water systems, closed loop cooling systems, once through and air washer systems. These treatments are advised to be carried out before starting as these are formulated prevents microbial growth rather than removing the existing one.

Almost all the cooling water treatment chemicals follow an all-organic technology in their formulations. This helps in avoiding molybdate and nitrite chemistries that face regulatory restrictions in some areas. These treatments should be carried out only after looking at the total system with an engineering approach to it.


This prevents the treatment going wrong and also saves the company from expenditures from loss of heat transfer and equipment failure thus saving a company from any health and safety hazards. These treatment chemicals are available in high quantities in both dry powder and liquid form so as to save recurring purchases and wastage.  Information about their dosage, treatment duration and frequency is listed in the technical datasheet that is provided by the treatment company for easy application procedure and guidance.


It is important for these treatments to address issues of initial conditioning, corrosion and scale prevention and fouling in any type of makeup water. This requires proper appraisal of water quality and effective application of the treatment depending upon operating conditions. Companies offering treatment solutions are fully equipped with the technical knowhow and application procedures to guide industrial processes through the same.


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