Non Butyl Degreaser Conc

This cleaner and degreaser from Rx Marine has powerful surfactants and detergents. It is non butyl that is it is solvent free. It works effectively on tough grease, adhesives, smoke deposits, light rust, lubricants etc. It can be used on walls, floors, engines, tools and machineries, stainless steel, work clothes, carpet, counter tops etc.


Features of Non Butyl Degreaser Conc

  • It has water softening or emulsifying agents which allow it to work well both in soft and hard water.
  • It has multi-surface application. It is safe to use on aluminum.
  • Wetting agents present, permits deep penetrating and cleaning of even heavy soil and dirt.
  • It biodegradable and non flammable. So is safe to use.
  • It can be used on any hard surface like, floors, walls, equipments etc.
  • It can be used in mop bucket, auto scrubber, spray bottles etc.
  • It can be effectively and safely used in kitchen, any food area, or any place with light or heavy soiled dirt and grime.
  • It gets rinsed off properly and does not leave soap film.
  • It is available in concentrated form, so works out quite economical.

Directions for use:

Non Butyl Degreaser Conc can be diluted with water according to the desired effective cleaning like for:

Wax Stripping                          1 to 15 parts water            Floor Cleaning                 1 to 30 parts water

Spot Remover                         1 to 5 parts water              Air Craft Cleaning            1 to 5 parts water

Grease                                    1 to 5 parts water              Oil Film                             1 to 5 parts water

Pressure Washer                    1 to 20 parts water            Car/Truck wash                1 to 20 parts water

Machinery/Equipment             1 to 10 parts water            Carpet/Upholstery             1 to 40 parts water

Hard water Deposits               1 to 5 parts water              General Cleaning              1 to 20-50 parts water


For heavy duty degreasing or removing rubber tire marks from concrete it can be used in undiluted form. Apply the concentrate, diluted or undiluted, on the affected area leave for some time and then wash or rinse with water thoroughly.


Why to opt for cleaning and degreasing chemicals from Rx Marine?

The advanced technology based cleaning and degreasing chemicals from Rx Marine are very safe and economical to use. The eco friendly and biodegradable ingredients make them environment friendly and safe for hands and health. As the products are available in concentrated form they can be diluted for use and work out very cheap and economical. The ingredients used are of International Standards and are much more competitive and effective than the products of the past. The advanced technology based attractive packaging makes the products tamper proof and is not exposed to any type of adulteration. You get fast and safe delivery of your supplies in good condition.


The Human Factor involved in the policy of Rx Marine

By manufacturing non toxic products, Rx Marine keep safety of all involved, on the priority list. The biodegradable products are safe to handle for labors and for the customers. The excellent customer service of the Company is available 24x7 to help you. They are available for all your queries, guide you through choosing the right product for your need and even follow up or are ready to hear your grievances even after the sales are over. Easy payment facility and discounts are available for valued customers. All products come with a guarantee. The products are delivered to the destination and full technical support is provided. Rx Marine is easily accessible and if you make a deal with them it will work out to be very economical. They believe not only in product and service satisfaction but also fully on customer satisfaction, which is the prime motive.


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