High pH Degreaser Cleaner (hot stuff)

High pH Degreaser Cleaner (hot stuff) from Rx Marine is an excellent super concentrated, heavy duty cleaner which comes in handy for removal of petroleum residue, heavy oil, grease, adhesives etc. It removes oil, grease, dirt, Road film, wax, dye, light carbon etc. It works very well when is used in pressure washer.

Salient features of High pH Degreaser Cleaner (hot stuff)

  • It is highly concentrated and works out economical when used after diluting.
  • It does not require solvents or heat.
  • It is corrosive in nature and should be used with caution.
  • A spray bottle should be used for applying.
  • It is fast acting and heavy duty and removes dirt, grease etc at first try.
  • It is biodegradable and water soluble.

Where High pH Degreaser Cleaner (hot stuff) can be used?

It can be used in heavy duty cleaning of engines, machinery, valves, rig floors, bilge, Air ducts, exhaust fans, rubber tires, floors, diesel units etc. it comes in handy for use in industries and factories. It is very effective for heavy duty engines, equipments, machineries and tools.


How to be used and application?

It can be used by spraying, brushing or wiping. Dilution of the solution varies depending on the types of soil which need to be removed and the surface on which it is used. For lighter cleaning dilute more and for heavy soil cleaning dilute less for better results.

Air ducts                 1 to 50 parts water                 Pipes                      1 to 50 parts water

Engines                  1 to 5 parts water                   Exhaust fans          1 to 10 parts water

Asphalt floors         1 to 50 parts water                 Plastic                     1 to 30 parts water

Ovens                    1 to 5 parts water                    rubber                    1 to 40 parts water

Machinery/tools     1 to 5 parts water                    light fixtures            1 to 40 parts water


Storage and precautions to be taken

 High pH Degreaser Cleaner (hot stuff) should be kept away from heat or flame. Do not let it freeze. When not in use keep the container closed. Keep away from reach of children. It is corrosive in nature so avoid contact with eyes and skin. Not to be taken internally. If it enters eyes by mistake then wash it thoroughly with water and take medical help. Read the instructions on the label carefully. For safety purpose wear gloves when using this product.


The high quality High pH Degreaser Cleaner (hot stuff) from Rx Marine

Rx Marine is in chemical manufacturing and supplying business for last almost twenty years. Their higher active and concentrated products are very cost effective. Advance packaging standards are at par with international level and are tamper proof. They have an efficient 24x7 customer support team, which helps you choose the product according to your requirement and guides you through their various products. They provide customer friendly solutions and make the sale profitable for the customers. The Company even provides discounts and easy payment facility to the esteemed and valued customers.


The biodegradable products are non toxic in nature and are safe to use and handle. If any product is even little harmful, it comes with proper caution and safety directions, keeping in mind the safety of the customers. The eco friendly ingredients are used while manufacturing, keeping in mind the safety and norms of Safe Environment. The delivery is prompt and safe and the products may even be delivered at your door steps. The Company believes in making a lifelong relation with the customers from the first sale. The transparency in the dealings and economically priced products has made them one of the top suppliers of chemicals.


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