Dual Strength Surfactant Degreaser

This is a dual power water based cleaner which is used for heavy cleaning in places like kitchen or restaurants. In kitchen, restaurants etc the area becomes soiled because of spilling of vegetable oil and other oils, animal blood etc. here comes handy this powerful water based surfactant degreaser which is formulated with several different ingredients which makes heavy cleaning easier.


Functions of Dual Strength Surfactant Degreaser

  • This products work effectively on tough cleaning jobs with ease.
  • This has corrosion protection so even when used on metals it prevents corrosion, keeping the metal in good condition.
  • It contains ingredients which prevents rusting. So if in case there is any residue leftover after cleaning up, it prevents any rusting on the metal surface.
  • It contains high quality grease and soil penetrating qualities which helps in multipurpose cleaning and degreasing.
  • Dual Strength Surfactant from Rx Marine is safer than the hazardous cleaners of the past.
  • After cleaning up it leaves a fresh fragrance behind this gives the place a fresh and new look.
  • It works effectively in automatic scrubbers, pressure washers and is great for hand operations too.
  • It is made to work well in any sort of water like hot or cold, hard or soft.
  • Its non toxicity makes it safe to use.

Where can Dual Strength Surfactant Degreaser be used?

Since it contains dual strength ingredients it works effectively in almost all places like Kitchens, Restaurants, Food Processing Units, Factories, Garage Floors, Schools, or any other such places and for cleaning any Factory or Industrial equipments and Machineries.


How it can be used?

Though the versatility of the Dual Strength Surfactant Degreaser from Rx Marine can be used for various purposes the quantity required may vary due to various reasons like-where and what it is used for, depending on that following are the instructions to be followed to make it work most effectively.


Light Dirt/Soil                                                           1 to 150 parts water           

Medium Soil/Dirt                                                     1 to 40 parts water

Heavy Soil/Dirt                                                        1 to 10 parts water

Painted Garage Floors                                          1 to 10 parts water

Kitchen Floors                                                         1 to 8 parts water

Oil Stained, Uncoated, and Concrete Floors    1 to 5 parts water

Windows/Mirrors                                                    1 to 200 parts water       

Equipments/Machineries                                     1 to 5 parts water

Kitchen Counters                                                   1 to 15 parts water

Greasy Asphalt                                                       1 to 8 parts water


These directions are flexible and the concentrated solution can be made less diluted or more diluted as needed. For extreme conditions you may use less diluted solution


What is so special about Dual Strength Surfactant Degreaser from Rx marine?

For almost for two decades now Rx Marine is manufacturing cleaners and degreasers which are par excellence and are catering to different industries and household with these products. They have a vast variety of cleaning and degreasing chemicals which are being used in various industries like- marine, railways, airways, agriculture, water works, domestic industry and many more. The products are made from non toxic ingredients which are less hazardous and safe to use. The biodegradable ingredients are used keeping safety of environment in mind and following all the norms and rules of environment safety.


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