Degreaser Bio Degradable


Degreasers are highly complex chemicals that are used to penetrate and loosen dirt and grease thereby yielding the surface clean. They are used in a variety of applications.  The complex formulation of degreasers make them very sturdy in removing grime, dust, dirt, mildew residues etc  by just wiping or washing the surface with them. Degreasers come in extensive use both in industrial as well as institutional settings. Some degreasers are also used in household cleaning due to its non-toxic and bio degradable nature. Right from floors, tiled walls, plastics, metals and rubber surfaces to cleaning of dockyards, engine rooms, public places, bakeries, breweries, bottling and printing plants, and degreasers can clean all. These can also be used in various kitchen cleaning applications and in cold or hot pressure washing machines to remove residues of grease and dirt.  

These degreasers are also good to be used in industrial, marine, agricultural and forestry cleaning. Being bio degradable they have medium foaming capacity thus no suds problems need to be faced. Be it household upholstery, concrete floors or kitchen appliance cleaning, these degreasers contain the newest and most advanced chemicals in research to provide you cleaning that you require.  It is a safe chemical formulation that will not harm your delicate hands


Specifications and Application

  • The formulation is safe and butyl free
  • It is bio degradable in nature with built in alkaline builders, emulsifiers and cleaning boosters
  • It is non flammable and contains inhibitor to avoid rusting
  • It is available in concentrated formulation which can be easily diluted with water for use
  • It is safe to use in ultrasonic tanks and immersion cleaning systems
  • Can be easily applied with brush, mop or spray
  • Needs to be diluted up to 10 parts for general cleaning purposes
  • Needs to be diluted up to 50 parts for light cleaning purposes
  • Suitable for both warm and cold temperature cleaning
  • Can be used to dissolve hardened grease
  • Can be used to remove mildew dyes and ink stains
  • Contains moderate foaming agents
  • Available in various capacities to reduce recurring purchase and wastage
  • Complex chemical formulation containing emulsifiers thus mild to use
  • Contains organic solvents to dissolve any form of grease and dirt
  • Has a natural pleasant clean smell
  • Safe for the environment
  • A non-abrasive heavy duty cleanser
  • Contains water softeners and biodegradable surfactants


A degreaser which is alkaline in nature and bio degradable, non flammable and gentle in nature but tough on greased surfaces is an apt choice for all your heavy and light cleaning jobs. Moreover, it does not harm your hands since it contains emulsifying agents and water softeners. It can be effortlessly diluted and used in heavy machinery shops, decks and other broad spectrum of industrial and household cleaning purposes. It can also be used to clean surfaces prior to painting and other plastic surface cleaning. It is quite safe to be used in hot or cold pressure washing too.


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