Degreaser SB


This degreaser SB from Rx Marine is made from combination of detergents with organic and inorganic compounds with powerful dispersing agents. The solvent base degreaser is used for removal of residual oil, wax, grease, silicones etc and other surface contaminates. It is also suitable to be used on metals like aluminum, copper, mild steel and others because of its non corrosive property. This degreaser being non-toxic in nature is safe to handle.


Where to use Degreaser SB

It is suitable to be used on metal and non metal surfaces. This high concentrated powerful degreaser is suitable to use ideally for cleaning heavy engines, tools, machinery, factory floors, trucks, metal parts, etc and numerous purposes.  It is a multipurpose decarbonizer cum degreaser. It completely removes carbonized grease, dirt, oil, carbon stains, gum, vegetable oil, lube oil etc from all types of surfaces. It is useful in industrial purpose for cleaning heavy duty and carbonized dirt and grease and in household purpose for cleaning lighter objects and surfaces.


How to use Degreaser SB

The dose of degreaser to be used depends on the type of job required to be done and if the cleaning required is heavy duty or lighter stuff. For lighter cleaning this can be diluted with water and used. To clean the heavy duty dirt and stubborn stains and grease the degreaser can be used in the concentrated form. It makes the surface or the affected area clean without damaging its shine and luster. You may wet a cloth with Degreaser SB and wipe the required surface, let it work upon it and then wipe clean with another clean cloth.


Super quality Degreaser from Rx Marine

You may find degreasers easily available in the market but to get a one that will provide satisfactory result including your safety, you will have to check out high quality Degreaser SB from Rx Marine. Their almost two decades of experience in chemical manufacturing has made them one of the top leaders of chemical manufacturing industry. Their products are made keeping environment safety rules and regulations in mind. Their products not only are eco friendly but are your health friendly too. They are most safe to handle and use as are made of non organic compounds. They are light on your hand and also on the surface they are used on. Though the products are made to clean heavy-duty dirt and grease they are quite light on the surface and maintain its originality.


Why choose Rx Marine products over others

They produce excellent quality, harmless products like degreasers, lab chemicals, leather chemicals, cleaners which come in handy not only for industrial purposes but also for household purposes. You may find variety of cleaning chemicals under one roof and need not take the headache of searching the market for various chemicals. The products are very economically priced and also come with guarantee.  Degreaser SB is available in 210lts packaging which is of advanced technology and prevents any tampering and adulteration. Their excellent sales service is available 24x7. They look after your needs from searching for a product to finding the right one to delivery and after sales service. You may easily avail all the chemical cleaning products under one roof. The delivery provided is quite fast and on time. You can avail of their easy payment facilities as they accept various modes of payments. They keep customer’s satisfaction and safety in mind. They believe in building up relations and not only the client list. You will find yourself coming back to Rx Marine again and again once if you do any deal with them.


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