Food Plant Degreaser Cleaner Conc. (Super-Solvent)


Food Plant degreaser from Rx Marine is one of the most volatile all-purpose degreaser and cleaner. It is non toxic and is safe to use. It comes in a concentrated form so you can use it in the original form to clean stubborn dirt and oils or you can dilute it and use for lighter and smoother surface. It is strong as well as safe. It is used for washing away oil, grease, dirt, fats, protein, Plant wastes, blood etc.


Where Food Plant Degreaser can be used?

This Food Plant Degreaser can be used on the floor, walls, tables, equipments, machinery etc. in the following places.

It is suitable to use in:-

  • Meat Packaging Plants
  • Slaughter Houses and Butcher Shops
  • Kitchens
  • Bakeries
  • Rendering Plants
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Super Markets
  • Food Transport Vehicles
  • Fish and Poultry Processing Plants
  • Dairies
  • Restaurants
  • Canneries
  • Factories
  • And many other such places

Features of Food Plant Degreaser Cleaner Conc. (Super-Solvent)

This is a non flammable and non corrosive cleaner used in various Processing Plants. It contains special properties which allow deep penetration and emulsifying action. It helps emulsifying grease, oil, soil, dried blood, fats, protein and waste.  It produces a rich foam which penetrates all types of dirt, grime, grease, oils etc and helps remove bacteria and blood and leaves the place looking clean, pleasant and non slippery.


How Does Food Plant Degreaser Cleaner Conc. works?

In Food Plant:

Manual process: Remove or cover all the food away. Scrape off the heavy accumulation of dirt on the floor. You can use a mop, brush or sponge. Dilute one part super solvent in twenty parts of hot water. Apply on the affected area and let it stand for some time. Scrape a little with the brush for better results and wash with water.

Spraying Process: use the degreaser in concentrated form in spray reservoir. For heavily soiled area set the proportioning device to strength of 1: 5 and for lighter soil up to 1: 30. Apply and let it stand for some time. Rinse well with water after sometime. You may apply mild acid cleaner for maximum results in heavily soiled areas.

And as a final step apply a disinfectant for deodorizing effect and for control of bacteria.

Packaging- It comes in 6 each 1 gallon bottles, 6 gallon pail, 30 gallon drum, 55 gallon drum and 330 gallon disposable tote.


Why go in for Food Plant Degreaser Cleaner Conc. (Super-Solvent) from Rx Marine?

The Super solvent Degreaser from Rx marine is of best quality and is made up of eco friendly ingredients. Though it is strong for effective cleaning it is safe to use because of eco friendly and non toxicity properties. As this is available in concentrated form it works out quite economical. You can dilute with water for use in lighter dirt areas. The Cleaner Conc. from Rx Marine comes in a tamper proof packaging preventing any adulteration. They have a very fast delivery network and provide easy payment methods facility for their customers.


Their almost two decades of experience provides excellent quality products and service to the food processing industry and various other industries. Through their Full and experienced Customer Service Program the Company maintains highest levels of sanitation and at the same time keeps the products at most economical rates. They follow all the industrial rules and regulations and keep in mind the safety of workers, customers and the environment. They believe in keeping up the trust of the customers and try to give flawless service.


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