Natural Biodegradable Degreaser High KB Natural

Natural degreasers are made up of natural occurring substances such as citrus based, cereal based etc. Many natural degreasers are made up of orange oil while others can be made up of corn oil and so on. The major components of these chemicals are derived from pressing and processing of these natural substances which give commercially viable products. As such these degreasers are mostly FDA approved and certified.



These natural biodegradable degreasers are a great replacement for other toxic solvents which are traditionally used in cleaning processes. The natural degreasers can be used in

•           Manual and Automatic Precision Cleaning systems

•           Automatic parts cleaning

•           Ultrasonic cleaning

•           Degreasing

•           Agitated Tank cleaning

•           Heavy Lubricant degreasing

•           Chip board cleaning

•           Engine degreasing

•           Air Brush Paint clean up

•           Manual spraying and wipe cleaning

•           Mold release cleaning



These high grade 100% biodegradable natural degreasers are:-

•           Non-toxic and renewable

•           Eliminate water rinse

•           Do not have H2O corrosion risk

•           Dry faster than water

•           Are low on combustibility

•           Excellent KB value

•           90% recovery through distillation



These degreasers have an excellent rinse ability property making it a good last wash instead of water.  They do not leave behind any spots after drying and also dry faster than water and the surface can be used instantly. It does not contain any surfactants thus does not form or leave foam residue. It clears in color composition without any added fragrance to it. It is available in big quantity packaging in liquid form to eliminate wastage and recurring purchase. It is satisfactorily solvent as well as environment friendly. It does not contain any abrasives thus does not scratch the surface being cleaned. From high grade cleaning purposes such as tanks and engines to spray and wipe actions for lighter cleaning purposes, this cleaner does it all.      


One important factor of this natural biodegradable degreaser is its KB value which is more than mineral spirits. This KB value makes the environment friendly product more solvent thus making it more aggressive and agile in the ability to dissolve and remove certain materials or stains.




The product might cause dryness and cracking of skin once in contact. Long term exposure to this volatile organic compound should be avoided. This product should be treated as hazardous waste when disposing off.


The Role of Rx Marine

Over the period of 20 years Rx Marine has manufactured degreasers and cleaners with great excellence which are employed in various forms of applications in not only industries but for household purposes. Rx Marine manufacture various types of cleaning and degreasing chemical that are employed in industrial sectors such as Marine, Agriculture, Water works, Domestic Industry, Airways, Railways and etc. These products manufactured are basically non toxic as result they are less hazardous as compared to other chemical products available in the market. Moreover, these chemical products are basically safe to use.   The products of Rx Marine are always secured and consumer oriented as the company ensures proper packing procedures with advance technology. All the products are prepared with advance technology as a result they are less hazardous as well as less harmful as compared to traditional cleaning chemicals available in the past. Moreover, the 24x7 Customer Service is available to assist to all your queries of the right product is all you need.


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