High Foaming High pH Cleaner Degreaser

This cleaning product from Rx Marine helps vehicle cleaning easier. Vehicles like cars, trucks, buses etc are the most dust accumulating devices. Only way to maintain them is to keep them thoroughly clean always. It is not possible to wash any vehicle thoroughly on daily basis but once in a while all the vehicles need to be spray washed fully. The High Foaming High pH Cleaner Degreaser is specially made for this purpose and comes in handy in car wash purpose. It is made to be used through pressure spray system or in a pressure washer to quickly remove all the dirt, oil, road film, grease and fume from exhaust. The high foaming helps loosen the accumulated dirt and soil in the vehicle. The high pH content washes away all the dust, dirt and grime easily.

Features of High Foaming High pH Cleaner Degreaser
It can be used in pressure washer and if washer is not available then it is safe to use manually also.
It cleans the dirt and grime from any vehicle surface or rubber tires etc without harming the surface.
A special ionic/cationic detergent in this product helps clean the road film and grease quickly without use of manual brushes or any other manual devices.
When used according to directions given this product rinse away fully leaving no residue behind and thus leaving the surface unharmed.
The product is highly concentrated. One part diluted with 25 parts water is good enough for pressure cleaning of heavy soil and dirt. So makes it very economical to use as less solution is used and the product lasts for a longer time.

Where and how can High Foaming High pH Cleaner Degreaser be used?
It can safely be used for all vehicles; like cars, trucks, buses, Airplanes, Tank Trucks, Food Processing and Preserving trucks, Aluminum Siding Use etc. As this is a concentrated solution it can be diluted with water and used for various purposes of cleaning. For cleaning heavily soiled and dirty vehicle one part can be diluted with 25 parts water. For light cleaning one part can be diluted with even 100 parts water. Though it may not harm any metal base or floor it may remove wax. It can be diluted with required parts of water to be used as the need be.

Why do you need to go in for High Foaming High pH Cleaner Degreaser from Rx Marine?
Rx Marine is one of the leading chemical manufacturers in the industry. The eighteen to twenty years experience behind them has made them a pioneer in this industry. They excel in making innovative and advanced chemicals for various purposes, catering to industries like agriculture, marine, railways, automobile, domestic and many more. The products are competitive and are at par with International Standards. The products are non toxic and bio - degradable in nature which makes them Eco friendly and safe to use. The highly concentrated products work out quite economical to buy. The products are attractively packed in advance technology based packaging, making them tamper proof and unadulterated. The human factor is the priority in the Company’s list as they see to the safety of the labor as well as the consumer. The Company Policy is to comply with all the rules and regulations laid down for Safe Environment. The customer service team is ever ready to help the customers from choosing the product till after the delivery. The easy payment facility is big attraction for the customers. The products come with a guarantee and are safely delivered at your door step if required.


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