Detergent Powder HD-I

This detergent powder is manufactured by Rx Marine mainly for washing clothes. For any woman, washing clothes everyday and keeping them shine like almost new, in a washing machine, is quite a tedious job. Rx Marine has solved this problem with their Detergent Powder HD-I which is made mainly to be used for washing machines. If required it can also be used for manually washing clothes. It is safe to be used manually also. This detergent is formulated with optical brightener to make the clothes look bright even after being washed umpteen numbers of times. The softening agent in it keeps the clothes soft which otherwise become harsh due to regular use of the detergent and washing. It not only washes and makes the clothes look shiny and soft as new it leaves a pleasant and fresh fragrance too in the clothes. This Detergent Powder HD-I is machine friendly too. The corrosion inhibitors, present in this detergent powder, protect the washing machine from rusting.

Main Features of Detergent Powder HD-I

It is highly concentrated so works out very economical when only little amount is required to be used and mixed in water.

The active biodegradable ingredients present in it make it very environment friendly.

It is non toxic in nature so is easy and safe to use. For your hands and health.

The detergent gets rinsed off easily and does not leave any residue on the clothes.

It contains stain removing agents which clear off the stains from the clothes.

Usage of Detergent Powder HD-I

It is ideal for cleaning heavily soiled clothes like coats, uniforms, pillow covers, and bed sheets and even for day to day wear light clothes. Any scrubbing with brush or hand is not required. The stain removing agent helps take out or lighten even the heavily soiled stains.

Directions for use: - The amount of Detergent Powder HD- I to be used depends on the amount of clothes, cycles of wash required and quantity and temperature of water being used in the washing machine. The more dirty and soiled clothes may need more detergent to work effectively, while less dirty clothes can be washed with less detergent.

Come experience the magical Detergent Powder HD-I from Rx Marine

The high quality detergent is very safe to use and is hazard free. The company keeps safety of environment in mind always and goes in for eco friendly ingredients. They pose no hazard to environment and health. The ingredients used are of international level and excel in all terms. The Detergent Powder HD-I keeps the clothes, shiny, bright, stain free, soft and fragrant. Clothes look as good as new even after innumerable washes when washed with Detergent Powder HD-I.

The ingredients used by Rx Marine are eco friendly and hazard free. They are most environment- friendly and can be safely handled without posing any threat to hands or health.

The safe packaging and excellent service from Rx Marine

The products of Rx Marine are packed in advanced technology based packaging which prevents any tampering and thus prevents any adulteration. The delivery is fast and safe. The Company’s Easy Payment Terms and Methods make it very easy for the clients to make payments of the goods purchased. The excellent service team is ever willing to help and guide the customers. They make it easier to choose the product for you from the vast range of products available for various industrial and domestic usages. On the Company’s priority list is the safety of the environment, safety of the labor and safety of the customers.


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