Carpet Shampoo - For Clean Odourless Carpets

Carpet Shampoo




RXSOL-15-1521-010 is a concentrated carpet shampoo for all types of carpet and upholstery


Features :
  • Compact & Dry Foam                                               
  • Excellent Cleaning Powder
  • Neutral Ph for general cleaning
  • Leaves no sticky residue
  • Fresh scent and pleasant to use

  Packaging: 25.00 Ltr              

  IMPA Code: 550396

Properties :  

  • RXSOL-15-0521 is a pH neutral, pleasantly scented, concentrated carpet shampoo for the interim cleaning of all types of carpet and upholstery.
  • The consistent, dry foam cleans gently yet effectively.
  • Shampoo residue is easily removed by vacuuming, thus hindering rapid reselling.

Tech Spec


Application :

Shampoo, carpet borders, and areas inaccessible by machine, by hand with a soft bristle brush; use an appropriate machine for shampooing the open area. While the carpet is still damp, lift carpet pile (e.g. velor, deep pile carpet) with a carpet pile brush or rake. When the carpet is completely dry, thoroughly vacuum to remove any crystallized shampoo residue. Shampoo upholstery with a hand brush, allow to dry, and thoroughly vacuum

 When preparing to shampoo your carpet, always give your carpet a deep clean, preferably with a powerhead vacuum cleaner, before shampooing. Removing as many of the allergens, dirt and dust mites as possible with a powerhead vacuum before shampooing will significantly increase the quality of the result. - Gently test the carpet shampooer on a small area of carpet to ensure the settings are correct. 

Dilution :

  • Light Deposition      : 300 ml diluted with 1000 ltrs of water

  • Heavy Deposition    : 1000 ml diluted with1000 ltrs of water 

Storage :    

  • Do not store or use at temperature below 5 C Storage stability :
  • 4 years from date of manufacture The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification.

 Safe handling:

  Springly apply the required dilution of RXSOL-15-0521 on a small, inconspicuous place. Do not overweight or soak carpet. Do not let the shampoo machine stand on the carpet with a wet shampoo brush. Do not walk on or refurnish until the carpet is completely dry. Protect furniture feet with plastic or aluminum foil (to prevent rust or varnish I finish damage), if the room must be refurnished while the carpet is clamp


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