Boiler Sludge Condtioner


Boiler Sludge Conditioner




Boiler Sludge Conditioner : is a product to be used in situations where the boiler water is contaminated with oil. This high performance product is applicable to both medium and low-pressure steam boilers in order to prevent sludge deposits.

Benefits :

Easy to apply and use

Drives the coagualtion of oil droplets which is removed by blowdown

Can be combines with other boiler water treatment products

Prevents deposition of sludge


 A. Dosing Procedure

Regularly, a volume of 100 ml ofthe BOILER SLUDGE CONDITIONER should be applied for every ton of water capacity, where oil contamination exists. How ever, in systems where severe oil contamination exists, off-line cleaning is required before the product can be applied. Thereafter, the application should be repeated daily, for a period of two weeks, until oil removal is complete.

Feed directly to the boiler by using a bypass pot feeder or a suitable chemical injection pump. For low-pressure boilers the
solution may be applied to the hot well or the condensate return tank.

applied as it is or dissolved with other boiler treatment products.

Physical Properties 

A white high molecular weight solution.

It is hydrophilic and of low causticity.

Appearance / Color : White, viscous liquid.

Specific gravity : 0.85/15°C pH : 8

Odor : Odorless


Handle with care. Store in a dry, cool and well ventilated environment

Note :  

 Boiler water sludge is caused by small quantities of hardness salts and traces of suspended matter present in operational steam boilers and feed waters.If left untreated, salt and suspended matter concentrations increase in the boiler water to create a sludge. This sludge settles and eventually “bakes” on to the boiler heat transfer surfaces, forming a hard crystalline scale which increases maintenance costs, degrades heat transfer efficiency and degrades overall boiler efficiency.To ensure that boiler systems are well maintained and operate at optimum efficiency it is essential that the correct water conditions are maintained at all times. This can be achieved using RXSOL Boiler Conditioner.

Tech Spec


Slip Coat (Hold Block)-RXSOL-22-2210-20                                 

AquaTuff - RXSOL-22-3030-025

Bilge Coat - RXSOL-22-2209-210

Bilgo Clean -RXSOL-10-1002-210

RXSOL PCS(Coal/Lime Remover)-RXSOL-22-2208-025

Muriatic Acid -RXSOL-22-2205-210 

Sodium Hypo Chlorite - RXSOL-31-3025-210

 Cement Remover RX Hold-RXSOL-22-2202-025

 Chembreak Emulsion Breaker-RXSOL-22-2201-210

Cola Remover RX Hold RXSOL-22-2201-210        








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