Cleaning of Lube Oils

Lube oils (cleaning procedure)

 1. Wide  range  of  different  products  from  very  light  and   thin transformer or spindle oils  to heavy and dark cylinder  or  geaoils.

 2. Different  carriage   temperatures   and   heating  requirements depending  on  the viscosity.

 3. The viscosity will decrease with increasing temperature.

 4. High/No flash point .

 5. Butter worth the tanks 1-1, 5  hours  with  hot  seawater  or freshwater (70-80°C).

6. Prepare  the  following  cleaning   solution  in  freshwater  or  seawater: 0.4 % RXSOL CTC VOLC Butter  worth  the  tank  1,5 hours by  recirculation  with  a  temperature  of  approx  70°C. The necessary temperature can  be  achieved/ maintained  by means of heating coils, or going via the  Butter  worth  heater. Depending on the amount of cargo residues the  solution  can be used for 1 to 3 tanks.

  • Butter worth the tank for 0, 5 hours with hot fresh water.
  • Ventilate, mop and dry the tank 
  • Instead of recirculation cleaning the  RXSOL  CTC-VOLC  can as well injected into the Butter   worth system  (see cleaning   method  3).   The   use   of   the  RXSOL    CTC- VOLC  is  not recommended for cleaning of Fuel oils / Bunker  oils  These products have to be pre-cleaned with  water of a    warm  to moderate temperature followed by a  recirculation  cleaning with gas oil. To reduce  the  amount  of   slops the  following cleaning procedure is recommended:

7. Pre-cleaning (see drawing method 4, next page) .

  • Depending on the tank size  and  height  fill  the  necessary  amount of  freshwater or  seawater  into  the  service  tank .
  • Butter worth all tanks to be  cleaned 1-1,5  hour  using  the water from the service tank .
  • Heat  the  wate r by  means  of  heating  coils,  cargo  heat exchanger or going via the Butter worth heater.
  • The pre-cleaning temperature should be between 70 and 80°C.
  • Pump the waste water from the tanks to be cleaned back to service tank (overtop).

8.  Solution-cleaning (see drawing method 4, next page) .

  • Depending of tank size and height fill the necessary amount of freshwater or seawater into the service tank. 
  • Butter worth all tanks to be  cleaned  1-1, 5  hour using  the solution from the service tank .
  • Heat the Solution  by  means   of  heating  coils,  cargo  heat exchanger or going via the Butter worth heater. 
  • The cleaning temperature should be approx 70°C . 
  • Pump the used solution from the tanks to be cleaned back to service tank (over top).






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