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SEA SOLVENT CLEAN is SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY also known as HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER is strong degreaser and tank cleaner for all types of petroleum and aromatic based compound. RXSOL brand SEA SOLVE [+] Read More...
Other Equivalent Brand

652 571406, ACE 9011 HEAVY DUTY CLEANER, Solvent Tank Clean Emulsify, Voyage Cleaner 210 Ltr

Short Description:
Specially formulated for cleaning of oily greasy surface of tanks.
Generic Name:
Heavy Duty Tank cleaning detergent marine chemicals Solvent Based

SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY is Sea Marine Ship tank cleaning solution. SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY is chemically formulated for tank cleaning and degreasing. SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY solvent based emulsifier chemicals. We are keeping ready stock of materials at our  Visakhapatnam - Gangavaram, Kolkata - Haldia, Chennai - Ennore, Mumbai, Kandla Deen Dayal Port, Mundra, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah.

Active Matter:
SEA SOLVENT CLEAN RXSOL SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER is formulated for cleaning double bottom, deep and wing tanks used for petroleum fuel oils. Aromatic chain compound have spec [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
Directions for Use and Dose Rates: RXSOL-20-2002-210 is  specially formulated for cleaning double bottom, deep and wing tanks etc, used for fuel oils. It can also be used for local cleaning and degreasing of [+] Read More...
Pre-wash with Hot water ( 50 degrees C)  is helpful before cleaning with SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER. This trick will help to remove excess of oil contaminates and also hot water rele [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:

RXSOL-20-2002-210 is an extremely effective  liquid blend of  concentrated emulsifier with penetrating agents,mild abrasives and wetting agents which makes this an excellent  liquid scouring cleansers for cleaning and degreasing of double bottom,deep tanks etc which is used for fuel oils It can also be used for   BOILERS,MARINE DIESEL ENGINE COOLING WATER SYSTEM and for local cleaning and degreasing of engine rooms  on deck.


Direct Injection Method for Tank cleaning through SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER :
Dose value of 
SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER can varies depends up on contamination and deposition of oil on the surface area. For tank cleaning " direct Injection Method " also one of the popular method. In this method, neat SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER can be injected  directly from the drum through air-operated drum (barrel) pump. During this method this barrel pump can be connected to the pressure side of the automatic tank cleaning system line. Barrel Pump can be fixed at a predetermined rate as an injection rate of 0.1 0.2 liter SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER per 100 litres of tank wash water is sufficient. Cleaning time 2-6 hours. Finally wash and rinse the tank with water. 

Spraying Method : If specific area of tank is heavily contaminated Use neat SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER overall soiled areas. Allow 10-20 minutes for reaction, then rinse with high pressure water hose., Scrubbing will assist the cleaning operation for stubborn deposits.

Direct Hand Spraying Method some time becomes necessary for cleaning of the heavily contaminated tank. On the other hand, we can also say that expert always selecting hand spray method before going to any other tank cleaning method to make there job easy. Expert shortlisting all tuff and heavily contaminated area and directly spraying neat SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER all over soiled areas. Then they are following another method like direct injection method, Recirculation method, Rock and roll method etc...

Recirculation Method for ship tank cleaning - 
1) First of all  heat the remaining oil in tanks .
2) By stripping constantly. flush the tank with sea water, 
3) Close  all suction and discharge valves .
4) Then make solution SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER with water with percentage ratio of 2-6% SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER( 2 Ltr to 6 Ltrs in 100 Ltr Water ) concentration value can be increase as per cleaning demand and contamination and condition of tank. Circulate cleaning solution via the automatic tank washing system pump and heater to the tank to be cleaned, wherefrom the solution is returned to the chemical solution tank via the stripping line. The same solution can be repeated for 2 - 3 tanks, then new cleaning solution required if same solution repeated for more then 2-3 tanks. Finally after recirculation the tanks should be rinsed thoroughly with sea water or fresh water depending on availability and requirements.

Rock and Roll Method at sea cleaning for double bottom tank:

Recommended time to clean and gas-free under normal circumstances would be 3-6 days ,for cleaning of double bottom tanks at sea.
1) First of all  heat the remaining oil in tanks .
2) By stripping constantly. flush the tank with sea water, 
3) Close  all suction and discharge valves .
4)1st Dose  Fill the tanks by ½ to 1 litre "SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY" HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER per tone of     water   through pipe or manhole , for 75-80% of capacity of tank to be cleaned.
5) Then fill tank to 25% capacity with sea water, raise the temperature up to 60°C maximum, and maintain this temperature for 24 hours.
6) Top up tank to 75-80% capacity with sea water, continue to heat for 48 to 72 hours.
7) Discharge and strip tank. Fill to 50-60% capacity with sea water and allow 2 hours rinsing time.
8) Discharge tank and strip, flushing tank with sea water for 2 hours,stripping continuously. When completed, inspect tank to ascertain if second cleaning is required. If so:
9) For completion add second dose of SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER, fill tank with sea water 75-80% capacity and raise the temperature to 60°C maximum. Maintain this for 48 to 72 hours. And recirculate the solution .
10) Discharge and strip tank, flush with sea water, stripping continuously for 2 hours.
11) To gas-free, fill tank with sea water to overflow through vents and sounding pipes, discharge and strip completely.

Use Handgloves, Goggles and safety mask before using in Tank. Keep container tightly closed and away from direct heat, fire and sunlight.

SEA SOLVENT CLEAN emulsifier is specialized SOLVENT BASED TANK CLEANING CHEMICALS and Degreaser for Marine Shipping Industries also classified as Marine Tank Cleaning Chemicals.



SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY heavy duty solvent and propreitory blend of Emulsifier. RXSOL SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY manufacturer and supplier in India, UAE, OMAN, CANADA - Mumbai, Kolkata Ennore, Chennai Ennore, Fujairah, Visakhapatnam Gangavaram, Gandhidham Sikka Jamnagar, Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, Ajman, Muscat Barka, Canada BC, Nairobi Kenya Mombasa Africa

SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER dilution ratio 1 or 3 litres per ton of water, allow to reduce gas freeing operation double bottom, deep, and fuel oil tanks.  In general, practice diluted SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER used together with mechanical Butterworth washing equipment to clean tank and gas-freeing operation. 

Machinery engine room cleaning chemicals. Due to higher industrial cleaning strength of SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER, It can be use as a cleaner of bilges, pump rooms and machinery parts and many more oil effected area. SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER contains emulsifier with penetrating solvent it can be apply for wide range of applications.

For heavy contaminated bilge area use SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER directly on soiled area and give fiew minutes to get full emulsification process, This will helps to flush bilge area completly with water. Otherwise for light contamination dilute sea cleaner with water ( If possible hot water ) then spray on surface to get clean completely. 

Industrial concentrate strength of SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER effectively works on lubricating oil, fuel and soot particels deposit in engine exhaust system. As SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER contain petrating solvent to eliminate Soot and Oily Residue from exhaust system. Availability of SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER on working station not only reduce mechanincal cleaning operation but also Minimize Hull & Abrasive Cleaning which is damaging finishes of all deposited surface area. Soot particles and unreactive unburned fuel oil are trapped by the filter medium and reduced to carbon dioxide and water vapor. To obtain good result periodic cleaning must required. SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY HEAVY DUTY TANK CLEANER org plays a very important role in such cleaning.

Packing Size:
210.00 Ltr.
Available Packing Size:
Conentrated SOLVENT TANKCLEAN EMULSIFY available in 500 ml, 5 Ltr / 25 / 50 / 210 Ltrs Discount is not applicable for smaller packing.
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