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Skin Care Paste, Waterless hand Cleaner 400 g

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Industrial Hand Cleaner manufacturer Exporter ( Largest from India )  and supplier. INDUSTRIAL HAND CLEANER for ink and paint industries  for cleaning of varieties of printing inks, chemicals and lubr [+] Read More...
Other Equivalent Brand

550266 , 550285 / Swarfega, Swargefa, Water less Hand Cleaner, Safe Hand Cleaning Gel

Short Description:
INDUSTRIAL HAND CLEANER white milky gel for ink and paint industries for cleaning of varieties of printing inks, chemicals and lubricants etc. This product base is natural which help to protect the skin dryness / cracks of the hands.
Generic Name:
Water less Hand Cleaner Safe Hand Cleaning Gel

 We are one of largest waterless hand cleaner manufacturer, Exporter and supplier of Safety Skin care paste. 

IMPA Code:
550266 , 550285
Skin Care Paste, Waterless hand Cleaner 400 g
Also Ideal for personnel working in metal and chemical Industries, oil fields, ship maintenance, garrage and machine shops as well as in manufacture of Engines & Transmission etc. Removes the toug [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
Normal 2-5 grams is sufficient to apply , but depends on degree of contamination and cleaning required . In hard cleaning repetition may require. After application hand can wipe from tissue or towel or ev [+] Read More...
Avoid contact with wounded skin and Harmful , If ingested ,induce vomiting and seek medical attention Super tough premium industrial waterless hand cleaner gel , uses orange / lemon  peel extract , ef [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:

Dissolves grease, paint, ink, grime, dirt, tar and difficult to clean substances. Smooth, gelatin, waterless hand cleaner for engineers.

Physical Properties :

Active ingredients

: 920 - 95%


: Gritty paste


: Almond


: 9-10


: Non

Flash Point

: None

Boiling Point

: None

Specific Gravity

: 1.4 – 1.45


: Apart fromthe abrasive the product is

 completely miscible in hot or cold water





Water less Hand Cleaner manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, Kandla, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Kolkata, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi.

Skin Care Paste, Waterless hand Cleaner 400 g
Packing Size:
400.00 Grams
Available Packing Size:

500 gm , 1 Kg, 3 Kg, 5 Kg.

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